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The Garden of Eden is located in what used to be Babylon, now Iraq.
Tbird  9/17/2005
The garden of Eden is a legend, it isn't actually located anywhere.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2007
I have heard that "Eden" means "delight" in Hebrew. I don't know if this information is valid though. It is my daughter's name and she is truly a delight.
laurawinkler  12/30/2005
It also means "gentle", from the Hebrew word "adin" which is spelled the same way in Hebrew (ayn, dalet, nun).
ima062002  5/18/2006
The Hebrew term may derive from the Sumerian "EDIN", which means "steppe, plain, desert, wilderness". The Sumerians used the term to refer to lands west of the Euphrates.

Another theory is that it comes from a Semitic root word meaning "abundant, lush".
keepitreal  1/23/2011
The name Eden (עֵדֶן) also has the same root as the Hebrew word for "gentle" (עָדִין). In Hebrew it is pronounced EHden, Eh as in Esther, and it can be both a boy's or a girl's name.
AgentP  3/2/2016
The name has an Arabic and Islamic reference. Quran involved the word Eden many times as a paradise and it is pronounced in Arabic as Adn-enn.
Rabab Elnoury  5/24/2016

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