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Rarely found as a female name.
-- Anonymous User  8/30/2008
The only Edison I know is a girl, she usually goes by 'Eddie'. Apparently, her parents were expecting a boy (their first child had been a girl) and had intended to name him after the father, Edward. When she was born prematurely, they decided to just go with the name anyway. I think it's cute, but mostly because the fact that it's a boy name (she's a tomboy) is a bit of a running joke.
-- Anonymous User  5/16/2009
I've encountered this name on a baby girl. I wonder what statement the parents wish to make with a name like Edison. Perhaps they wish to celebrate the invention of the lightbulb? Do they hope the wee girl will become a great innovator?
-- amabel  10/5/2009
Are you sure that the girls you've met weren't called ADDISON not Edison?
-- McHobbit  2/24/2010
I think all names ending in 'son' should be reserved for males since that ending denotes the meaning "son of__"... So it is strange to name your daughter "son of__".

As for Edison, I think it's a nice name for a boy. It's not too common.
-- GibsonGirl  11/1/2011
Edison Carter is the protagonist of the 1980s sci-fi TV show "Max Headroom".
-- JustAnotherFangirl  7/18/2014
Edison sounds so freaking cute! ^__^
-- Anonymous User  10/17/2015

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