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I don't think I would name a girl Edwina, they might get called Wina.
-- Anonymous User  8/15/2006
I think ed-WEEN-a is absolutely hideous but ed-WIN-a is okay.
-- pandasayscynical  5/12/2008
I think this is an ugly old lady name.
-- bananarama  9/18/2008
I know a girl named Edwina. She constantly gets mistaken for Edwin.
-- Genevieve_M  4/6/2009
It would be so refreshing to hear this name on a young girl today.
-- vomiting  7/21/2009
There was an Edwina in the tv series "The Simpsons". Abe Simpson met her in WWII in England and had a romantic relationship with her. She gave birth to his daughter Abbie. He learned about this only decades later.
-- Swiff  6/26/2010
Edwina is a gorgeous, glamorous name!
Well, when pronounced ed-WIN-ah, it is quite plain, but ed-WEEN-ah makes me think of a gorgeous brunette with green eyes who is outgoing and bold. ^^
-- DaphneSusan  11/2/2010
My name is Edwina. I get heaps of nick names from it such as Weenie, Dweenie, Eddie, Ed, Eedee, Weens and Weena just to name a few. A friend once introduced me as Eddie and the other person thought my full name Edward! I love my name, I think its unique, old fashioned and pretty. Though I don't like all the nick names from it especially Weena!
-- Anonymous User  7/22/2013
There's one I never liked. "Ed" just sounds too masculine to me. "Weena" is terrible, but if you pronounce it "win-uh," it's okaaayyyy... still don't care for it, though. And I find it much easier to picture on an elderly woman than a young girl.
-- IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  3/26/2015
My name's Edwina! I was named after my great grandad who was Edwin and my mothers middle name is Edwina also.

I've never liked my name- I'd always get called Eddie, ed, weena. My grandma would call me dweena and I've never minded that. Since I was about 13 I changed my name to Dena and I still go by this name. It's like my alias but now that I'm in my 20's Edwina is growing on me.

I don't think it's pretty but I think it sounds classy and sophisticated when said the right way. Maybe I'll go back to being called Edwina soon.. Who knows.
-- Dena91  4/9/2015

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