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Eglė actually means pine in Lithuanian, not spruce. I am learning the language and I know the legend of Eglė Žalčių Karalienė quite well. That story explains how the pine tree, amongst others, came to be, which is why the word Eglė means pine.
SilverDolphin218  10/16/2016
No, the Lithuanian word for "pine tree" is "pušis". Take a look around on Wikipedia and Wiktionary, for example:

- entry for eglė (spruce tree) on Wikipedia: (in Lithuanian)
- entry for eglė (spruce tree) on Wiktionary: (in English)
- entry for pušis (pine tree) on Wikipedia: (in Lithuanian)
- entry for pušis (pine tree) on Wiktionary: (in English)

To the webmaster of this website: seeing as Eglė is the name of a character from the well-known Lithuanian folk tale "Eglė žalčių karalienė" (which means "Eglė, the Queen of Serpents" in English), it might be a good idea to include the title of the folk tale in the entry for this name. For more information, please see: (in English)

On a related note, adding one (or more) of the following categories to the name's entry might also be something worth considering:
- Baltic Mythology (or Lithuanian Mythology, if you'd like to make it even more specific);
- Folklore;
- Popular Culture.

Finally, just in case it might come in handy someday, here are a bunch of (mostly) Lithuanian sources relating to the given name Eglė:

- (in German)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian).
Lucille  3/28/2017
Means "spruce tree" in Lithuanian. Not "fir tree", in Lithuanian "fir tree" is "kėnis" and is not used as a personal name. [noted -ed]
Tomkas  10/19/2013
It is Eglė, not Egle, and it is really Lithuanian, not Greek. :)
[noted -ed]
monie  6/1/2007
Egle is a Greek name, she is one of the three Graces and it means "splendour, brightness". It's feminine and it is used in Italy. You can find it in the form of "Aglaia".
mikaci  7/16/2005

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