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Eifion is the name of one of the sons of Cunedda who gave his name to Eifionydd in Wales. Its revival in the 19th century is most likely due to the poet Eifion Wyn Williams (1867-1926). Eifiona is the feminine form but is rarely used.

The name is most commonly pronounced AYV-yon. The IEV-yon pronunciation only occurs in South Wales. [noted -ed]
Elea  6/24/2007
It is a beautiful name for a young man! It's different, but I like it!
Dessa  3/28/2009
Eifion was the son of Dunod, son of Cunedda Wledig. Cunedda Wledig formed the Kingdom of Gwynedd in North Wales and gave lands to his sons.

The old county of Eifionydd, is named after Eifion son of Dunod.
Enw  1/4/2010

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