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This is an invented/fake name completely associated with the 2000 scandal in Florida, US.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2006
I've never heard it as a male name; I don't know Spanish. But there's a British woman called Elian McCready who is a very well known artist and textile designer. She grew up in Wales - not sure if her parents are Welsh or where the name comes from.
Anneza  8/3/2006
I had never heard of this name before the whole Elian Gonzales story came along. It doesn't really sound very masculine at all to me. Also, am I the only one who noticed that the name is VERY similar in sound and spelling to "alien?" As in space alien, or even as illegal alien? Rather an unfortunately apt name for young Mister Gonzales. :)
Starla Roxanne  9/24/2006
My name is Elian, I am a woman of 40 years from Holland. My Grand Mother's name was Elisabeth and my other Grand Mother was Johanna. My name is a combination of the two names, Eli-An. This satisfied both families for the new born Princess. Pain in the Ass that she is today!
jtuffee  11/22/2006
I have a son called Elian. I did some searching and found that the name originates from the name Elah which is Hebrew. Its meaning is "the oak tree".
mazda  1/4/2007
This gave rise to the Cornish surname Trevelyan, Elian's farm. Elian is a unisex Welsh name. St. Elian or Eilian has a sacred well consecrated to him (ffynnon eilian) where it could be from eilio meaning a moment in time, it could also be related to the Celtic root word meaning sun, it is also a Cornish and a Breton name.
Celeno  3/10/2008
This name is also a female name. As a bearer of the name and knowing other people in my town who are also named the same I can asure you so. In my case it was derived from my mother's name Elia and on the other person's from relative's name Noelia.
― Anonymous User  4/28/2008
I hate this name. I can't believe people are using this because of that stupid kid.
bananarama  8/6/2008
A derivative of the Julian, this name was born by several early Christian saints, most notably St. Elian of Homs (also venerated in the West as St. Julian of Homs), a physician who refused to accept payment for his services.
ZenaisPhilonilla  9/16/2008
Despite Elian Gonzalez, I like this name. And it's made up in the sense that it's traditional for people in Latin American countries to combine their parents first names. I've heard ridiculous ones like 'Josmar' before too. It does sound a bit like alien though.
Aureliano  3/23/2010
Like others have already stated before me, this is not necessarily an invented name.

In The Netherlands, Elian (without the accent on the 'a') has been in use since the early '50s. Obviously, this is long before the world ever heard of Elián Gonzalez. The name has slowly been increasing into popularity since. Elian was at its most popular ever in 2011: that year, 18 newborn children were given this name. I say 'children', because Elian is unisex in my country (but there are more males than females with the name, though).

According to the website of the Meertens Institute (which also provides these statistics), the name is usually derived from Elijah. Still, especially in the case of males, some (Catholic) parents could also have named their child after Saint Elian of Wales - whose name is actually Gaelic in origin. In the case of females, the name is often a combination of Elizabeth and Anna or Johanna - just like the user jtuffee stated before me.

So, I would personally recommend to make a separate entry on Behind the Name for Elian (*without* the accent on the 'a'). The entry *with* the accent on the 'a' may have originated from Elián Gonzalez, but Elian without an accent on the 'a' did not (as that was a name long before Gonzalez was ever born). [noted -ed]
Lucille  10/11/2012
I have found another explanation for the origin of Elian (without the accent on the 'a'): it can ultimately have been derived from the Roman cognomen Aelianus.

The English form of Aelianus is usually Aelian and it's not inconceivable to think that (in some cases) the Ae- was swapped for an E-, making it Elian instead. This is what has often happened (also in my country) to names starting with Ae-: Aegidius became Egidius, Aemilius became Emilius, and so on.

Apart from that, Elian is the actual Polish and Ukrainian form of Aelianus. Compare also:

- Elijan = Croatian and Serbian form of Aelianus
- Élien = French form of Aelianus
- Eliano - Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Aelianus

So that's more evidence that there is more to Elian's origins than just Elián Gonzalez. :P.
Lucille  10/12/2012
Given Name ELIAN

GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: English

PRONOUNCED: EL-ee-ən, EL-yən, el-EE-ən

CONTRIBUTOR: enchy on 7/1/2011

Meaning & History

English form of Elián.
LMS  1/15/2017

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