I love this name! It's a shame it's becoming so popular though.
Allison27  5/17/2020
Elijah sounds very nice but it's gotten rather common. It sounds very masculine and doesn't suit a girl at all.
someone-  5/13/2020
Elijah is Biblical. The book of Kings. It is the name of my oldest son. If anyone should want to make a comment or judge anyone by their name I would suggest some research first as I would do with your own name if required religious, Christian or not. That is exactly what I did before I named my son. I read the book. Elijah is a very unique and impressive character in Yahwehs word.
Conal  5/4/2020
This is the sort of name that only fits annoying little boys.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2020
Ngl Elijah is one of the ugliest names I've ever heard, all of the Elijah's I've met, have been so arrogant and egotistical.
bobrossisagod  2/14/2020
My name is Elijah and pronounced "Ee-LIE-juh." It's different from anybody in my Church and kinda makes it seem special. And the guy rode a fire chariot, I mean, how many of us got to do that?
ReLight  11/14/2019
Awesome name!
wh0sbad  10/25/2019
Elijah Kamski is a character from a video game named Detroit: Become Human.
NorthWR400  7/31/2019
Elijah Kamski from DBH.
Tetoable  7/21/2019
Pronounced: ə-LIE-zhə (english, ə-LIE-jə (English)
RHAWK3935  7/7/2019
My name is Elijah and mum's Sarah. She says it’s not girly.
Gayview  5/26/2019
It's okay, not too fond of it though.
kayisforkeen  5/9/2019
I realize that Elijah may sound feminine because it rhymes with Sarah, therefore people attempt to try to make Elijah strictly a girl's name because of that. Nevertheless, Elijah is a boy's name. If this name is going to become unisex, it should at least be common for males at all times. Elijah is all boy to me and it's noble, but sooo common.
xxCreative_Mindxx  4/12/2019
Elijah is a strong sounding name, but for some reason I don't like it that much.
Luvbug86  2/13/2019
Ohhhhhhh... awwwwwwwwe... Eli is sexy... this is a boy named Elijah.
Pvt.ghostpanda  2/11/2019
Elijah is not girly, check yourself.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2019
I hate this name! It sounds so girrrrlyy! Therefore I love it for a girl and loathe it on a boy.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2018
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Elijah who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 328th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2018
Wow I did not realize how common it is now!
saffyjune_  9/27/2018
The first time I ever heard this name or recall hearing this name was in my teens because of Elijah Woods. It had nothing to do with the actor himself (though I am a fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit). Just the sound and the look of the name I fell in love with. Little did I know that a decade plus later that I would decide to name my one and only son (let alone only child) with that name. I am a little sad that it is so popular though, I personally thought I was being unique in a way (my name is Shauna, so there aren't too many with that name either). I wanted to keep the same concept, unfortunately everywhere we go there is always another Elijah. But the fair decision I made was that since I decided his first name his father could decide his middle. He chose ST. John (his name is John, though he is no saint...) So in the end, I still have my child with a unique name that both his father and myself love. But there is also the fact that ST. John the Baptist was said to be the next Elijah, which there are discrepancies about but we had no idea of the relation until just before I gave birth in October of last year. It's strange how things come together like that, I guess all things do happen for a reason!
ElijahsMom2017  6/4/2018
A real classic and Eli is a good nickname.
Prime Meridian  4/19/2018
I really hate this name for some reason. Seems too complicated. I like Eli much more. It's easier to pronounce and easy to spell.
GiJeff  1/24/2018
Oh my God, Elijah really is a Hebrew name? We named our first son Elijah and our second son Ezra. Both are of Hebrew origin. Interesting. Elijah definitely sounds modern to me. I would never associate it with anything Hebrew. Interesting. It's a lovely name.
klichee  12/3/2017
I think this name sounds too feminine, along with Elias.
leoBeyene2002  9/16/2017
"Elijah" is the title of a song by American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter Rich Mullins on his 1986 self-titled album. The song was partially inspired by the death of John Lennon, whom Mullins admired. "Elijah" was later covered by Gary Chapman as part of the 1998 album 'Awesome God: A Tribute to Rich Mullins', released about a year after Mullins' own death.
Feorsteorra  8/1/2017
My name is Elijah and I love it. It suits me and can easily be said.
seemyname  5/3/2017
I love this name for a boy! Totally one to consider.
Katesnames15  4/23/2017
Cute, honest and magnificent. I almost hate to see it as popular because how many people can live up to it? The popularity is clearly due to the actor Wood, who played the amazing character Frodo, written by JRR Tolkien.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
I really like this name; it makes me think of a guy with an unusual (but not bad) sense of fashion and a talent for art and music. However, I hate that it's become so common and I really, really hope the large amount of Elijahs growing up today doesn't cause the name to lose the personality that radiates from it.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/11/2016
A very strong name, quite popular but still very great.
scarswonteverfade  9/13/2015
I know a female here in the U.S. with this given name. It really suits her! (I kind of like it as a girl's name! ^_^)
adelazero  6/8/2015
It's beautiful. I think only so many males are worthy of this name. It's just a classic, amazing name.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
One of the original vampires from The Vampire Diaries is named Elijah. He's also in the spin-off series The Originals.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2015
Elijah is such a cute, handsome, classic name! It's a perfect choice for a boy and ages very well. I ♥ how Elijah has a religious meaning. ^___^
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
I love this name, but it's become too trendy because of the actor. Then again the actor is what led me to like it in the first place. Intense and strong, it's sexy and boyish at the same time!
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Absolutely wonderful name. How it only has a 63% approval rating is beyond me!
Ali Hassan  1/28/2015
The Turkish form of this name is İlyas. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  10/6/2014
Related name: Joel.
Sabertooth  8/16/2014
A non-traditional interpretation of this name (which we use) is "raised up by YAHWEH."

We get that meaning by replacing the version of "Eli"

With the version of "Eli."
Sabertooth  8/13/2014
I like this name, but I would like it a lot more if it wasn't so common.
EkiAku  6/7/2013
I was beyond surprised to see how popular this name has gotten.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
I love this name, but it's became too common.
Chrila96  11/20/2010
Pronounced eh-lee-yah.
MaggieSimpson  6/7/2010
This name doesn't remind me of Elijah Wood at all. Then again, I have no idea who he is.

Anyways, Elijah is a really strong, sexy name. Love it.
CrystalGlacia  3/2/2010
This name is so nauseatingly trendy. I have a hard time taking an adult Elijah seriously because of its rabid overuse. The meaning may be nice, but face it, a lot of people are in love with it.
bananarama  8/5/2009
I personally really like the name Elijah, I like the meaning of the name. Elijah is a strong and powerful name, Elijah also means the Lord is my God.
Jbutts  8/29/2008
Elijah Patricius Hewson. What a name! Poor kid. He's Bono's son!
cheeseface  6/17/2008
Pronunciation ee-lie-ran.
NickInUse  6/8/2008
I have never like the sound of this name. It just doesn't sound pleasant. Plus, it makes me think of Elijah Wood, and I do NOT like that guy. I won't get into that rant, but it's not because of his roles, as I've never watched a movie with him in it.
slight night shiver  5/22/2008
Pronounced "E-li:yah".
Karcoolka  2/11/2008
This name along with Isaiah, are my favorite names for boys. I love the meaning of this name as well as how it looks.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2007
When I hear this name I think of the loud mouthed, ugly hobbit Elijah Wood. He messed up the name royaly.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2007
I love the sound of this name. This is the middle name of my husband Jacob Elijah. I think it sounds quite nice. I will possibly use this as a middle name for a future son.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  7/14/2007
My nephew's name is Elijah. I also have two good childhood friends who named their firstborn sons this. I think the name is fantastic, wholesome and strong. I also like the nickname Eli.
goreab  6/26/2007
I don't really like the name Elijah, although according to my poll a lot of people do.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2007
I LOVE this name! To me, it sounds very masculine, and strong, as well as caring and considerate. And Elijah Wood makes it all the better.
Georgia_kh  4/9/2007
I love the name Elijah! I don't really like the name Eli, but it's okay.
melinda1  3/28/2007
Ee-LIE-zha is the original Hebrew pronunciation. Ee-LIE-juh is an Anglicized pronunciation and does make the name sound more masculine. You aren't "required" to pronounce it the Hebrew way. I also don't think it sounds outdated or old fashioned. Actually, it sounds like a modern name to me.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2007
Why contribute false information?! What you had written is inverted. The original Hebrew pronunciation is Ee-LIE-juh and Ee-LIE-zha is the Anglicized one.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2008
I pronounce this name eh-LYE-juh, not eh-LYE-zha. The latter sounds too much like Eliza.
Elly747  2/18/2007
I personally think it sounds better pronounced EL-ee-yuh, but ee-LY-zha sounds good too.
― Anonymous User  2/12/2007
Elijah Sage Thompson is the son of the author Darren Bonapart.
elijahismyname  1/4/2007
I love this name. It is so handsome. I would definitely use it. I like Elijah William/William Elijah.
Sarah Elizabeth  12/31/2006
I like the name, but I'm not sure if I would ever use it. It seems too feminine to me. It reminds of "Eliza".
― Anonymous User  7/8/2006
I just love this name. Masculine, rolls smoothly off the tongue, and it's a name you can grow up with.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
I love this name. I love the spelling and I love how it sounds. Plus it has the great nickname Eli.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2006
I like this name a lot, and the nickname Eli is really sexy.
alliyah1  2/19/2006
My nephew's name is Elijah. I have to be honest that I never liked this name. It sounds so old fashioned. Of course I am growing to like it because he is my nephew. I would never use the name for my son.
dmforsythe  12/22/2005
That name is so stupid.
― Anonymous User  12/8/2005
I don't think saying "This name is so stupid" is useful to other visitors. It's just callous and ignorant. I love this name, by the way, and think it's strong, heroic and handsome.
wefrox  7/30/2006
I like how this name looks, but not how it sounds. I think it sounds best pronounced Ee-LIE-jah.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2005
Famous bearer is actor Elijah Wood.
foxsurfergirl  4/8/2005

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