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Eleora is Hebrew for "The LORD is my LIGHT."
-- Caledonia  5/18/2006
I have read that this is where the name Elora comes from and a few different spellings of Elora are Alora, Alaura, Allora, Ellora, Elaura.
-- Anonymous User  7/16/2006
Pronounced eh-lee-oh-rah.
-- Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Personally, I prefer the variant Elora, but both names are very pretty.
-- erb816  5/5/2008
This name can also be a short form of Elianora, which is a variant of Alianora - which in turn is a form of Aliénor (the original Provençal form of Eleanor).
-- Lucille  11/6/2009
It's starting to grow on me. It's the name of the month on my profile.
-- italiannames  1/1/2010
I absolutely adore this name. It sounds and looks very feminine.
-- Joy12  4/19/2011
My grandpa's girlfriend has twins named Eliana and Eliora.
-- Icycoldhot  9/7/2013

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