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This name is very popular in Sweden right now but as a short form of Elias, the Swedish form of Elijah.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2009
It has been in Sweden's top 100 since 2005. [noted -ed]
Frozten  12/31/2009
In Brazil, this name is also considered a female name, even though it's very uncommon. I don't know where it comes from, probably it’s a nickname of Elisabete.
Elis Regina was a very famous Brazilian singer.
BeaG  6/22/2011
This is the Russian translation of Alice.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2011
Elis was a gothic metal band from Liechtenstein. It was disbanded in 2012 to form the band Zirkonium.
OceanSoul  5/11/2015
Welsh form of Elias.
readerofpotter  1/4/2018

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