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Pronounced El-pee-tha, although the d is a sort of combination d/th sound that can be hard for non-native speakers to get right. But if you don't speak Greek and you're trying to pronounce this name, El-pee-tha is a much better way than El-pee-da with a hard d.
kvpp88  10/23/2014
90% a bad name in the ratings? Really? It isn't trashy or even illegitimate. It's pretty objectively decent, besides for how it sounds to some people (and it's silly to base just on sound).
I think this is a cool name. The meaning is lovely and the sound/look is simple but distinct. It can fit with the "El-" trend, but still stand out.
bathos  12/26/2010
Elpida is a nice name in Greece, but I wouldn't recommend it anywhere else, unless you just really love the name.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2010
Elpida means Hope in Greek. A change to the many named 'Hope' these days.
Mamakas1  10/19/2009

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