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I like the meaning. As for the name, well, I guess it's OK. I've never heard it before. I wouldn't give it to my child or anything but like I said, it's OK.
Joy12  4/21/2011
Just the name "Elpis" on its own sounds lovely enough. At first it seems so ordinary (in terms of pronunciation, the fact that it's a five-letter name, et cetera), but when you find out about its meaning, it simply sounds hope-inspiring. At least, I feel that way about it.
seraphine_eternal  6/13/2007
By the way, I think we all know the "Pandora's Box" myth, don't we? (For those who don't know, please check up the name "Pandora"; a brief summary is there.) Elpis was the only good spirit to reside in Pandora's box, and the last to escape from it. [noted -ed]
seraphine_eternal  6/13/2007
Actually this name is used in modern Greek as "Elpida", from another root of the word, which I think is a beautiful name!
sylvia12  3/27/2007
You can't say this name without saying the p word.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2006
In Greek mythology Elpis was the personification of hope, the equivalent of the Roman Spes.
wiswina  12/20/2005

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