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The father of Arwen Undomiel.
gaelruadh19  6/13/2005
Elrond means "elf of the cave".
SimplyChristine  8/12/2005
Elrond does not mean "elf of the cave." It does indeed mean "star dome."
estel4me  9/18/2005
Also: Elros was the brother of Elrond; his name means "star foam".
Kekepania  1/6/2006
Hugo Weaving portrays Elrond in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies.
Eruanna_Meldiriel  8/9/2006
Elrond comes from the Sindarin 'el', meaning star or elf, and 'rond' meaning dome.
Caetha  10/13/2008
I think of the nutcase L. Ron Hubbard.
Aureliano  3/2/2010

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