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I love this name because it sounds very gothic and scary to me. I also love this name because I am VERY unique.
i_love_bam  4/19/2005
I like Elvira pronounced EL-VEER-UH not EL-VY-RUH.
mum2bubba  11/29/2005
A famous bearer was Elvira Madigan (born Hedvig Jensen).
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005
This is one of my favorite names ever! I like it 'cause it has a cool ring to it, very pretty.
MusicRat  12/20/2005
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is a T.V. personality played by Cassandra Peterson.
breakofday  12/30/2005
I hate this name! It's so, blah! It does sound good pronounced elveera though.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2006
Elvira is one of the lovers of Don Juan.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2006
It is pronounced "el-VEE-rah". English speakers may pronounce it differently though.
Ylva  9/30/2006
Elvira means "the elevated one" from Spanish "elevada" or it can mean "the protected one" from Germanic "alvar".
desert rose  1/19/2007
Elvira´s pet forms are Elli, Ela, Elva, Elke, Elvusha, Vir(k)a, Elvie.
Karcoolka  4/9/2007
It is also possible that it is from the Old English Aelf-gifa, common royal name for women, meaning 'Gift of the Elves' or 'Magically Gifted'.
davidnorman  4/9/2007
I think this is a wondrously beautiful name. I like it pronounced with a "v" sound rather than a "b" sound, even though it is Spanish and that is how you pronounce "v". Very lovely, ethereal, dark, Gothic.
harry_sent_me  5/31/2007
The most common accepted pronunciation in America is el-VY-ra, with a long "i" sound.
valerie28  6/12/2007
Elvira Popescu was a Romanian-born French stage and movie actress and theatre director.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2007
Elvira is the name of the first wife of Charles Condomine, the protagonist of the play Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. After she is summoned during a seance, Elvira begins to haunt her husband, disrupting his second marriage and making several attempts on his life.
nomenphile  7/16/2007
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/18/2007
Elvir is also a masculine name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/18/2007
I think there is a song with the lyrics, "My heart is on fire, for Elvira."
Brianna Angela  8/17/2007
For the record, the song Brianna Angela is thinking of is, conveniently, "Elvira", by the Oak Ridge Boys. If you've ever heard it, you know it's not the least bit gothic.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2010
I really really like this name. It's so serious.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2008
Elvira is a female given name. It is of Spanish origin, originally believed to be of Arabic origin, meaning "the white". Other theories is that it is of Germanic or West Gothic origin and that the name means "alert" or "trustworthy".
izzaw  8/5/2008
Also used in Portuguese, and pronounced el-VEE-ra.
mellon.collie  9/21/2009
AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL my least favorite name of all time. I remember in 4th grade music class we had to play this annoying song with the same name. Horrid.
Aureliano  2/28/2010
Elvira Duck (aka Grandma Duck) is the paternal grandmother of Donald and Della Duck, maternal grandmother to Gladstone Gander, great-grandmother to Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, mother to Quackmore Duck, and mother-in-law to Hortense McDuck (Scrooge's sister). She is one of the first and oldest residents of Duckburg, and the oldest living member of the Duck/McDuck family.
Atarah Derek  7/19/2010
When pronounced el-BEE-rah, this name has an exotic beauty. When pronounced el-VEE-rah or el-VIE-rah, it sounds gothic and gorgeous. Either way, it is a beautiful name, from the way it look to the way its pronounced.
DaphneSusan  10/27/2010
Makes me think of elves. I dislike it.
Chrila96  11/18/2010
I love this name when pronounced el-VY-rah. Although it does kind of remind me of the mean redhead cartoon character, but I can easily look past it. It has a gothic ring to it but it's quite pretty.
Book_Reader22  3/19/2011
Huh. I would assume this would be pronounced "El-viy-ra", not "El-bee-ra", as the site says. I doubt that anyone would pronounce it "El-bee-ra" without being told to do so. My impression of this name is that it is very odd, yet looking at it still appears old fashioned. I rarely ever hate a name but I think I hate this one.
ZoeRain  12/25/2011
Simply beautiful! Positively gorgeous! It almost sounds fairylike. I first encountered it a few years ago while reading books by Elvira Woodruff, and not long after I had a classmate with this name. And the pronunciation makes little difference to me: Elveera or El-vi-ra, it sounds equally lovely.
Sabella Authoress  10/23/2012
My grandmother's name was Elvira and I bring it (it's my third name) proudly even if it is so rare and uncommon. I love it's sound- so strong and strange.
Eretria  11/27/2012
Elvira is also used in Hungary.
sybilcrawley  9/6/2014
The name Ilvy is a short form of Elvira and used in the Netherlands.
Betuwsmeisje  10/27/2015
This isn't a real Spanish name! It sounds like a 19th century American invention. I've only ever heard of old Southern women with this name.
TyrannosaurusRegina  11/9/2015
The name Elvira was given to 50 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
I definitely think the EL-VEER-UH pronunciation is much prettier than EL-VY-RUH. With the former it sounds sweet and soft, while the latter sounds harsh and rather unpleasant, though this is simply my interpretation and I mean no offense to anyone with this name! Both are very unique, and I'm sure there are others that prefer the other pronunciation!
reymes  9/21/2016
Hungarian pronunciation: EL-vi-raw.
HerculePoirot  10/18/2016
Elira is a diminutive of Elvira. There is an Albanian name Elira meaning to be free, so with all the different meanings of Elvira/Alvira the name and it’s diminutive means strong, white, truthful, beautiful and free. I prefer the diminutive Elira.
Think beyond  3/11/2018

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