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I looked up the name Engel online and just like the name Engels, it is most often a last name of Jewish or Hebrew origin. There many Holocaust survivors with this name. Also there are several variations of Engel (ie Engels, Ingel, Ingal, Ingalls, Ingels).
bonijean2  10/13/2015
This can also be a female name, I've seen two women in my family lines that had this name in the late 1700s/early 1800s.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2015
Seeing some say Engel is rare... My family originated from Germany. My grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle came from there into Canada, then they had two other kids, then came to USA and then my dad was born. It's hard trying to find family.
gntlspirit50  11/15/2014
Engel... Engel... Engel... I like it; it has a great sound and presence to it. I think that it would be the best compliment to use it as a nickname for longer names beginning with "Engel-", though. Vocalized or written, Engel strikes interestingly and attractively. It sounds very sturdy, but also has an elegance to it. In my opinion, Engel better suits males, though I would not be opposed to seeing it in feminine usage.
Francesca  7/29/2013
According to all of my German name books, including "Duden. Lexikon der Vornamen", Engel is (or rather was, seeing as it has pretty much disappeared) a unisex name leaning strongly towards the feminine side.

As for the meaning, they say this:
"A short form of names containing the element "Engel-", for example Engelbert, Engelhard or the nowadays extinct feminine names Engelheid and Engelburg.
Originally, this name element meant "Angle, member of the Germanic people of the Angles", who took their name from their region of origin in northern Germany. Their name is said to be derived from Old High German and Old Saxon angul "hook for fishing; peak".
With the increasing Christianization of the Germanic tribes, however, it has gradually been associated with angelus "angel" and by the Middle Ages it was only seen as the German word for angel, "Engel"." [noted -ed]
Frollein Gladys  10/3/2012
My last name-yes, last name- is Engel. I get comments on it all the time from the exchange students asking me if I know what it means. And I do. My Grandfathers family came straight from Germany with the last name, and most of my family has it on my dad's side. Not to mention relatives we don't even know about!
33Teehee  9/16/2011
I have a question for the ones with the Engele's last name. Do you know if any of your family members name was Emil? He is my great grandfather and he and my grandfather both had passed before I could ask them questions about that side of the family. And I would like to get to know about my Engel side. If you have any information please get a hold of me.
babs29  2/11/2015
Come on, this means 'angel' in Norwegian too. Therefore it should be added.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2011
I've never met anyone named Engel here. For me, it would be weird to name my son this, living in Germany. But it is a cute nickname for your son, of course(:
Lieselchen  11/20/2010
There is a song called Engel by Rammstein.
CanadianChibi  5/16/2010
I quite like the name and its spelling. It's apparently quite unique in Germany, and it's and people looking at it will likely almost immediately associate it as being masculine. A very nice alternative to its more feminine-seeming counterpart, Angel.
Mothetree  4/21/2010
This also means "angel" in Danish.
Charlie1977  6/14/2009
Also angel in Norwegian.
SMHRS  1/17/2008
Pronounced ENG-el.
Very rare name in Germany. In fact, I have never met a person named Engel but it could be used as a short form of 'Engelbert'.
JHK  9/2/2006
It also means 'angel' in Dutch.
keepskuh  6/25/2006

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