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I pronounce it "YO-an". Ewan/Ewen is its Anglicized version.
gaelruadh19  4/28/2005
This name is pronounced like 'Owen'.
eparle  2/22/2007
Love it! Especially the spelling. Cian Eoghan is a lovely combination.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2007
I love it! I would use it to honor my grandfather (Eugene) if I married someone from Ireland. The only problem is people having trouble pronouncing it in Canada.
Fray  8/24/2012
LMS  5/15/2016
Wikipedia states: The name Eoghan means "born under the (protection of the sacred) yew tree".[2] The yew was believed to be the oldest tree. Its wood was hard and hard to work, used for war and peace, for domestic vessels and door posts, for spears and shields. It had to be treated with care because its berries are toxic. The name Eoghan then already had a religious significance in pagan Ireland.[3]

Sources cited are:
Namemaven  8/23/2016

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