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Eos was also the goddess of dawn in Greek mythology. The Roman equivalent was Aurora.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2006
Eos Chater plays Second Violin in the classical/pop group, Bond.

My impression of an Eos is that of a graceful, gracious and elegant woman.
Saphira  4/13/2006
I wouldn't like to name anyone this because it sounds more like a trademark company name, but it does have a nice meaning and origin.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006
Pronounced EE-ohs. [noted -ed]
Aqua  11/21/2006
I love the name, and the Goddess has always been depicted beautifully in history--much like the classic depiction of angels, with reddish or gold wings. The sister to Helios, the sun God, before Apollo became the more well-known god of that posistion.

The Greek Aurora, but Eos is a much softer, more classic name for such a deity. I only wish I knew the standard pronunciation for the name, rather than what I'm assuming it is.

But "EE-ohs", according to the last comment, sounds about right.
Irish Pearl  2/21/2007
No, no, no! This name should NEVER be pronounced EE-ohs or EE-aws. The first letter, eta, makes the long "ay" sound. The second, omega, makes the long "oh" sound, and the sigma at the end makes the "s" sound, of course. Therefore, this name is accurately pronounced "AY-ohs."
Ouaie  10/26/2008
The previous poster is correct. The pronunciation is AY-ohs.
KathosAnnora  1/5/2018
I have just recently discovered this name and I think it is gorgeous! Irish Pearl's description made the name even prettier in my opinion.

I like Ouaie's pronunciation of the name the best, if he/she is correct. :)
Book_Reader22  1/29/2011
It's definitely different, that's for sure. I like it, though it's a bit too short and just the slightest bit masculine. I prefer it over Aurora.
Black_X  8/1/2011
It's very pretty, and Selene and Helios, sun and moon, were her siblings, so you could also use those names. I prefer it as a middle name.
XironDarkstar  11/25/2017

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