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On Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Link's horse is named Epona. It's a very lovely name.
-- Tbird  8/27/2005
Pronounced Ee-po-na.
-- Tbird  8/27/2005
It's pronouunced "e-PO-na", not "Ee-po-na". Yes, this name seems likely to have been the origin of the name "Eponine".
-- gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
The name Eponine is supposed to be derived from this.
-- eponine_pontmercy  12/4/2005
I like the name, it's nice. I've never heard it before.
-- Philippa  8/15/2006
Epona was also the Goddess of birds, the moon and enchantment.
-- audreyhubley  8/29/2006
I played too much Zelda as a child and that is the main reason I love this name.
-- Master of Chaos  12/22/2006
I think this is a good name if you're a horse, especially if you're a horse from a video game. I would not name a person this.
-- Anonymous User  6/4/2008
Although I don't think it's a particularly good name for a person in this day and age, it still remains one of my favorites due in part to my love of horses, and also because it sounds quite lovely.
-- turtlepie  2/2/2011
All I can think of is Epona's Song from the Zelda games playing in my head. This is a nice name for a horse, but not a person.
-- bananarama  3/5/2011
It's pronounced "ay-paw-nah".
-- Anonymous User  4/12/2011
I prefer Eponine, but Epona is nice too.
-- Gwendolineodz  10/26/2011
Epona isn't only named in Zelda. It existed far before in various games and anime. In fact, its first n64 appearance is from a game called Quest 64, where the character was an elderly woman with ridiculous long hair... like a mane.
-- Hydronix  6/5/2012
I love names from mythology. Sure, it reminds some people of a video game, but really it's a nice name.
-- GibsonGirl  5/18/2013

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