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A lot of sports fans, have named their kids this because it reminds them of ESPN.
Hailey2006  11/26/2006
Also, a lot of sports fans name their sons Espn and pronounce it "Espen".
Evil  9/29/2008
This name is alright, but I don't really like the sound of it. It reminds me of the "name" Aspen. I also hate how dumb sports fans like to spell it ESPN, making the name look really stupid.
bananarama  11/13/2009
I love this name. Most people now that have heard of the name Espen have heard of people naming their children ESPN and pronouncing it Espen. That's a shame, Espen is a beautiful name, I think so anyways.
whatsinaname  3/27/2011
Espen Minde is a Norwegian football midfielder who currently plays for Tromsdalen UIL. A former u-21 international for Norway, Minde started his senior career in Tromsø IL and featured with them in the Norwegian Premier League.
cutenose  6/16/2016

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