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Could be thought of as the grandad-ish version of the name Ethel, by appending the diminutive suffix '-bert' on to that name. However, it was never at all common when the name Ethel was popular, and both names are now out of fashion.  9/1/2007
Could be classed as a combination of the once-popular female name Ethel with either Bert or Elbert, or even Albert. Ethelbert has the female version Ethelberta, which is even rarer than Ethelbert, but is borne by a character in Thomas Hardy's 1876 novel 'The Hand Of Ethelberta'.  9/7/2007
A sort-of famous bearer of this name is the central character in the British children's cartoon Ethelbert the Tiger, who is an Indian tiger.
walesgal92  10/25/2009
This name is rare in itself and notable people with it are even rarer. However, this was the name of Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin, an American pianist and composer. He wrote a few campaign songs, most notably one for James K. Polk's candidacy. He died in 1901.
luxlisbon  4/16/2015

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