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Etheldred became a masculine name in some areas of the United States. In my search results, the name as used for men seems to have started in the mid to late 1700s in North and South Carolina.
The man I am tracking was named Etheldred, but his name also appears as Etheldredum, Etheraldred, Dred, Dredachel, E. D., and "Tommie".
Alafare  8/21/2013
Sounds like two already horrible names, Ethel and Mildred, mixed together into one mess of a name.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2013
The only place I've seen this name is in the novel "The Daisy Chain" by Charlotte Mary Yonge. Etheldred is a very good character, and I like the name because it is unique. The book was great too! :)
youngwarrior  6/22/2010
What a strange name! I like the name Ethel, but I don't really like the '-dred' ending; it reminds me of the ordinary English vocabulary word 'dread' (to fear greatly; to anticipate with fear). :/
walesgal92  12/6/2009

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