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Another meaning of the name in Greek is "good reputation". In Greek mythology, Euphemia was a daughter of Hephestos and Aglaia.
-- Damis  6/27/2005
My greataunt was called Euphemia but everyone called her Cissy.
-- 3011112ed  6/1/2006
A nickname for this is Effie.
-- Anonymous User  4/13/2007
To me it sounds like something you get chemo for.
-- Renfawel  7/2/2007
Euphemia Li Britannia, from Code Geass, is a bearer of this name.
-- Suzu  11/9/2007
It does sound rather like an illness.
-- Anonymous User  3/29/2008
The name sounds like a disease, and it is too reminiscent of 'euphemism'.
-- slight night shiver  4/22/2008
My name is Euphemia! My first name, anyway. Most people calle my Effie or Ef, and my mum calls my Phemia. I actually really enjoy having it, besides people misunderstanding that you're saying your name. "You have what?" Yeah. It's really rare, so I like it.
-- evangelinelark  5/7/2008
This sounds far too close to "euphemism". And since I use euphemisms all the time, this is not a name I am going to be using in the near future.
-- Pippin  6/29/2008
This name used to be very popular in Scotland.
-- Kosta  11/7/2008
I have a friend who plays the Euphonium, which is a brass instrument that looks like a small Tuba. This is the only image I can conjour up when reading/hearing this name.
-- Ranee  8/26/2009
To me, this sounds like a disease.
-- -Julia-  9/20/2009
This name looks and sounds like a disease! Not a very great name in my opinion.
-- nicole_10107  9/28/2009
This is such a beautiful name! I love that it is very feminine but not in a sickeningly sweet way. Plus it is really uncommon but not weird.

Euphemia in Code Geass was nicknamed Euphie, which I think is a cute alternative to Effie. :)
-- SpicyWolf  10/9/2009
Gosh, this name hardly screams 'disease!' to me at all. It is wonderful.
-- vomiting  12/28/2009
Another diminutive form or nickname could be "Euphie".
-- ChocOtaku  1/12/2012
Euphemia is a character in the 1977 fantasy novel Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones. Her name is somewhat of a joke to other characters for sounding "like a disease".
-- jbr1234  6/13/2013
Can we somehow add the slavic variant JEFIMIJA? [noted -ed]
-- vecanoi  3/16/2015
I honestly believe this name is beautiful! It has cute nicknames Elphie, Eppie, Effie, Fia, and even the trendy-style Mia! I have no idea why it's not more popular. To anyone saying it "sounds like a disease" well, I have a mind of my own and I don't think it does. :-)
-- Anonymous User  5/10/2015
Euphemia Li Britannia.
-- Anonymous User  6/30/2015

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