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According to me (and to my sources), the name "Estachio" does not exist in Italian. The exact Italian form of "Eustace" is "Eustachio". [noted -ed]
giocampa  1/9/2005
Sounds quite like "pistachio".
lunalovegood  9/29/2007
Italian pronunciation:

The "Eu" is an interesting bit, being that it is difficult for me to explain. Begin with a sound that is very close to the "A" in the English "Ape," and then attach a long "oo"/"u" (much like the "ou" in "You," or the first "u" in "Umlaut"). Nurture it until the two mold together.
For the middle portion ("Sta"), pronounce the "a" as you would in "Father," and attempt to make it both emphasized and somewhat abrupt.
The "Ch" creates a hard "K." Stress the "I" to "EE." And finish with a rounded "O" ("Oh"). Combining those three pieces, it should end in "KYOH."
Francesca  7/29/2013

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