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It's a little strange. I have a friend whose middle name is "Sakkie" and is supposed to come from this name. I've never heard of anybody being named this!
― Anonymous User  8/28/2007
I love this name! It sounds good and has an amazing meaning.
WCSAngel  9/27/2007
This name is a little too long for my taste, but it's overall a nice name. I know an Evangelos, but until recently few people knew his real name, for everyone calls him "Vaggeli", and he's registered as Vaggeli at the school. How's that for a nickname?
emmiix3  2/14/2009
My name is Evangelos. This name has served me well, growing up I never was made fun of. I usually go by Evan for short. When I was growing up family called me Vagelis. I have never ran into another Evangelos but I know there are more out there. If you want to name your child this I recommend it 100%.
emadgreek  11/4/2015
Evangelos Spiros "Spike" Mendelsohn is a Washington, D.C.-based chef and restaurateur best known as the fifth-place finisher of the fourth season of Top Chef, which aired 2008-2009. He is the chef and owner of multiple restaurants: Good Stuff Eatery, Béarnaise, and We, The Pizza in Washington, D.C. In the summer of 2013, Mendelsohn opened his newest restaurant named "Béarnaise" in Washington's Capitol Hill. Béarnaise was awarded two stars by the Washington Post.
lilolaf  2/16/2017

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