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Fanni Bostrum is a Swedish supermodel.
SeaHorse15  4/7/2006
It's still rude no matter how you spell it.
FairyGirl  7/7/2006
No, it's not rude in Sweden and Finland, because it doesn't have a bad meaning in Swedish or Finnish. Not everyone speaks English.
Caprice  10/7/2006
Everyone may not speak English, but I would appreciate it if native speakers of other languages cautioned us anglophones not to use words that in their languages are euphemisms for things like "rear-end"!
leananshae  12/17/2007
Actually, leananshae, "fanny" means "vagina" or "vulva" in Britain and Australia; the "rear-end" meaning is mainly limited to the U.S.

I would expect people to be a little more mature when they confront words and names from another language that sound rude in their own language.
gaelruadh19  12/19/2007
Why should natives warn you? It's not an euphemism in our language (only a pretty name), but in yours. You know better.
evine  5/11/2008
And, by the way, it's pronounced "fun-nie", which isn't quite the same as fanny.
evine  5/11/2008
Fanni is the protagonist in first Hungarian novel.
freustach  1/27/2016

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