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The name derives from the orphic god "Fannes", the creator of the world in the ancient Greek mythology. The word means "bright" in Greek.
Damis  6/27/2005
Fannie Flagg is an American author and actress. She was born Patricia Neal but could not use that name since there was an actress named Patricia Neal. She is the author of the novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, and wrote the screenplay for the film.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2006
It's still unpleasant even if you spell it differently.
Mama1  8/17/2006
Yeah, don't name your child this.
― Anonymous User  11/2/2006
Even if you spell it differently, it is still pronounced the same. I really don't like the name whether it is spelt Fanny (which is the worst), Fanni or Fannie.
CharlieRob  5/5/2007
For me "Fannie" sounds tender.
iva_toneva  11/25/2007
It doesn't sound great, and the fact that it's a vulgar slang doesn't help.
DaisyGraceBaker  6/14/2014
Fannie Hurst (1889-1968) was an American author.
Kosta  2/4/2015
Fannie Merritt Farmer (1857 – 1915) was a famous American cook, author of the Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. The Fanny Farmer candy company was named after her, but the spelling was changed because it had no connection with her and did not use her recipes.
Kosta  2/4/2015
The name Fannie was given to 48 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Finnick and Annie ship name.
Sania01  7/23/2016
Fannie Lou Hamer was an African-American activist during the Civil Rights Movement. She pushed for equal voting rights in Mississippi and was part of the SNCC. Perhaps her most famous quote was "If I fall, I'll fall five feet four inches forward in the fight for freedom."
Icycoldhot  7/8/2017

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