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People actually do use this as a name. It's the German and Polish form of Faustus. So I think those languages should be listed as well.
bananarama  9/12/2009
Bananarama was right: Faust is the German and Polish form of Faustus. As a result, the German surname Faust is a patronymic surname: those who carry the surname, ultimately are descended from a man whose given name was Faust. Because of this (and also because the use of given names is much older in Europe than the use of surnames), I personally think that for this entry, Faust as a given name should take precedence over Faust as a surname.

That aside, I would also like to mention that Faust (as a given name) has also seen use in Russia, where it is considered a variant form or spelling of Favst (Фавст). In Russian, Faust is spelled as: Фауст.

- (in Russian)
- (in Russian)
- (in English; see the entry for Faust).
Lucille  11/16/2016
Could be carried as a dark, heavy name if so desired.
vomiting  1/19/2011

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