Names Related to Ferdynand

Names that are related to FERDYNAND:
FERDI   m   German, Dutch
FERDIE   m   English
FERDINÁND   m   Hungarian
FERDINAND   m   German, French, Dutch, English, Czech, Slovene, Finnish, Ancient Germanic
FERDINANDA   f   Italian, German
FERDINANDO   m   Italian
FERDY   m   English
FERDYNAND   m   Polish
FERNAND   m   French
FERNANDA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
FERNANDE   f   French
FERNANDO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
FERNÃO   m   Portuguese
FERRAN   m   Catalan
HERNÁN   m   Spanish
HERNANDO   m   Spanish
NANDO   m   Spanish
NÁNDOR   m   Hungarian
VEETI   m   Finnish
VERTTI   m   Finnish