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Since nobody has commented on this name, I will. I think Fernande is a beautiful name. It has a nice, refined feel to it.
bananarama  8/21/2010
Pronounced fer-NAHN.
Dragon_Clarinet  7/23/2011
I must say this name is gorgeous, myself. If you are considering it- choose it please! :] She can also be called Fern as a nickname.
Dragon_Clarinet  7/23/2011
Very old name. Made famous by a George Brassens song which makes it very uncomfortable to carry nowadays (cause the song is nice but saucy).
luxsword  4/28/2014
Fernande Barrey was a French artist model and painter. Fernande Barrey left her native Picardy in about 1908 and moved to Paris, where she began to make a living as a prostitute. She then became the model for many painters, including Jean Agélou, Amedeo Modigliani and Chaim Soutine, who persuaded her to study painting and art history at the School of Fine Arts.
cutenose  7/14/2017

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