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Ferran was also used in medieval Spain, as a variant form of Ferrando (at the time the usual form of Ferdinand there). Compare also the medieval French Ferrand and Ferrant as well as the medieval Italian Ferrante.

You might also want to take a look at this link, even though it is written in Italian:
Lucille  7/7/2015
A few bearers of this name are:

- Ferran Adrià (b. 1962), a Catalan chef

- Ferran Laviña (b. 1977), a Catalan basketball player

- Ferran Olivella (b. 1936), a retired Catalan soccer player

- Ferran Soriano (b. 1967), a Catalan businessman

- Ferran Terra (b. 1987), a Catalan alpine skier
Lucille  7/7/2015

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