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Pronounced fin-OO-la.
Aqua  11/21/2006
I say it as "fyoon-WA-la".
gaelruadh19  1/17/2007
The Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan is sometimes credited as "Fionnuala Flanagan".
gaelruadh19  1/17/2007
It's pronounced Fin-OO-la in Ireland. This is my friends name, and I love it. Often shortened to NOO-la as a nickname, less often shortened to Fin.
Link  5/28/2007
This name is nice. I prefer it pronounced FIN-oo-la though. However, I wouldn't call a daughter this because I don't like Nuala as a nickname.
GarbageGuy  6/8/2008
I prefer the spelling "Fionnula" because I personally hate the "Nuala" part.
pusherwoman  12/29/2008
Gorgeous name, it has an ethereal beauty. The story behind it adds to it's charm.
blue_belle  8/11/2010
Pronounced (fin OO lah).
maddogpony  11/29/2010
I don't like the Nuala bit, but I would very much consider the name Fion ( pronounced FEE-ON) for a boy. Maybe a girl.
DidiGiraffe  7/8/2011
My name is Fionnuala but I mostly go by FINN for short, not Nuala, which is unusual because I am a girl.
queenfinn  7/26/2011
I always grew up knowing the meaning being "swan-necked", which is nearly the same thing, I suppose. (My mother grew up in Ireland and speaks Gaelic).
queenfinn  7/26/2011
I think that it is an utterly enchanting name, personally. However, it is much too... pretentious? To bestow onto a child outside of Ireland. As always, I suppose of you have a large amount of close heritage stemming from Ireland, and possess a surname to pair with, it has the potential to be successful.

If you have no Irish blood, the name may as well be "kre8tiv." A Fionnuala Mac Pharlain has a chance-- not Fionnuala Adamsen.
It is amazing how a simple last name holds the power to either suggest, A). Being the definition of subtle beauty and of maturity, to B). Appearing to be a "kre8tiv," pretentious, pompous atrocity. Future employers will be wary of any name that seems unprofessional-- a name much like Fionnuala if you are not cautious.
Francesca  9/1/2011
Albeit I wouldn't name a daughter this, in my opinion anyone would be SOOO lucky to have this name. I mean, why the heck ISN'T it popular? It has everything... a beautiful sound, rarity... it doesn't sound like a trendy or teeny-bopper name at all, your daughter won't need to worry about being "Fionnuala C." or "Fionnuala W." all her life, it ages marvelously, and "Nuala" sounds like a beauteous and melodic nickname on its own. I wish it were MY name.
StarMoon  1/22/2013
LMS  5/16/2016
I adore this name and if blessed with another daughter will call her Fionnuala. I have a Breton surname which will go beautifully as it also starts with an F. First heard of the name when watching Fionnuala Sweeney on CNN and have loved it ever since.
breton-fanatic  1/22/2017
My name is Fionnuala, but I am referred to as Nuala and I love it! All my friends call me Nunu Fionunu, Nu, and occasionally Nuala.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2017
My name is Fionnuala, but I go by Nuala. My family pronounces my nickname noo-ah-luh. I think this name is really unique and pretty.
CinderellaTiger  6/30/2017

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