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I’ve never heard of this name before but I don’t like it at all. It’s unusual but lacks elegance.
nylonpanda  11/11/2019
10 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Flannery.
lilolaf  2/24/2017
I quite like the name Flannery. The "Flann" part of the name reminds me of the Irish name Flann (which Flannery is probably related, considering its name roots), but it just seems a bit more feminine and "complete" (if that makes sense?) to me than Flann.

That said, it sticks me personally as more of a girl's name than a boy's name, though that's just my impression on it... if I knew a guy named Flannery, than I'd probably see this as more of a unisex name.
Morgaine  7/30/2012
I think it's a pretty, classic name, though I don't know if I prefer it for a boy or a girl.
chelamarie  2/15/2012
Who in their right name would call their DAUGHTER "Flannery"? This is an extremely ugly name. It sounds like a object. Like flannel. It also to me sounds like a disorder like "ah no can't, sorry but I have flannery". It also reminds me of the word flab and floppy. Ew. No.
DidiGiraffe  3/2/2011
Flannery for a girl is a lovely name, particularly as a middle name, but I think the trend of using surnames is pretentious unless the name used is actually a family name. I have to disagree with DiDi who is aghast at naming a girl Flannery - at least Flannery doesn't walk though life asking people to call her by her cup size.
loyola  9/17/2013
This is the name of the fire gym leader on Pokemon Emerald.
― Anonymous User  6/19/2010
Flannery's is a health food supermarket chain in Australia.
vomiting  11/13/2009
It makes me think a lot about flannel and a little about flan. Surnames as given names, even when they are adapted, are degrading because they establish a child's status not as an individual, only as a member of a group. Everybody already has a surname that establishes the membership position. Anyway, if you Anglicized 'Flannghal' and gave it to a boy, not a girl, since it's a boy's name, that would probably be a good idea.
greta-elisif  10/21/2009
I actually find this name good, but a bit tacky. (I like this name for a girl better).
-Julia-  7/26/2009
I like it for a girl.
number1212  12/17/2008
This is a little off topic (heh, but I think it's still a decent reason) but one of the gym leaders from the Japanese anime: Pokemon. By the way, she trains pokemon of the fire element, so it's sorta obvious why she got that name!
missBridget  8/5/2008
I think Flannery is beautiful. It is young and vibrant and calls to mind classic names like Felicity and Ellery. It also fits in with the current surname as first name trend. Refreshing!
Raychulannie  7/17/2007
Masculine as it is, it will always seem feminine to me just because of Flannery O'Connor. I think it's sort of a cool name, really.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2007
Flannery is slowly appearing as a first name for girls, as an alternative to the numerous Rileys, Taylors, and Camerons. It has a similar feel as Rowan, Finlay, and Sloane and will probably only grow in popularity over the next few years as those names are currently doing so.
― Anonymous User  3/23/2007
Who would name their kid Flannery? I hate it.
shadex  7/27/2006
Flannery Culp (called Flan) is the teenaged narrator in the book, "The Basic Eight." She's not exactly the type of girl I'd want to name my kid after.
Sabrina  5/25/2006
(Mary) Flannery O'Connor was an American author. The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction is a prize given annually to an outstanding collection of short stories.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2006

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