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There was a very popular Dutch television series called Floris in the late sixties, which featured Rutger Hauer playing a medieval knight called Floris van Rosemondt. Though I can't find any data on this, I can imagine the popularity of the show gave a boost to the name.
renee06  1/15/2014
Also used in Afrikaans, where it shortens to Floors. This is not pronounced like the English word. The -s makes an -s sound, not a -z sound, and the -oo- is a diphthong close to the English sound of hesitation: oo-er!

Once I saw a professor of history named Floors van Jaarsveld being publicly tarred and feathered for taking a politically unpopular stance about a very emotional topic. He was brave and resolute.
Anneza  10/7/2011
I actually think this would make a really nice name for girls in English-speaking parts of the world, as it would seem like a combination of Flora and Doris.
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
I don't mind this name, although I definitely prefer the feminine version, which is Florissa. It sounds so fresh and new, but in my opinion, the feminine version is much more usable in English than its masculine counterpart, Floris. Also, the name Florissa is fairly rare in the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking parts of the world, and it's even more unheard of in English. These rare qualities are definitely a positive thing in my opinion. So in general, I like the name Floris, but I think the feminine version - Florissa - is definitely more usable in English, than the more Dutch-sounding Floris. I also think that the meaning of Floris and Florissa, which is "flourishing"/"blossoming", is a really lovely meaning, and it just sounds more feminine, I think. :)
walesgal92  5/12/2010
Floris is one of the main characters in "Floris and Blancefleur". It's a medieval Dutch love story.
Lilia Nigra  4/26/2008
A famous bearer is prince Floris of Orange-Nassau. His mother is Princess Margriet of Orange-Nassau, the sister of queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2005
You pronounce the name as: FLORE-is. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  11/15/2005

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