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Françoise Hardy is a French singer.
-- Honora  10/31/2006
This is the name of Anthony and Therese's daughter in the comic strip "For Better or for Worse."
-- lunalovegood  12/3/2007
Francoise was the name of Madame de Maintenon (1635-1719), the second wife of Louis XIV of France. Their marriage, however, was kept secret.
-- bananarama  7/5/2009
François-Gaspard Adam (1710-1761) was a French Sculptor. His brothers were Lambert-Sigisbert and Nicolas-Sébastien. Their father was Jacob-Sigisbert.
-- Anonymous User  7/3/2011
Françoise Dorléac (1942-1967) was a French actress. She was the older sister of Catherine Deneuve. She died in a tragic car accident at only 25 years old.
-- pennycarroll  7/11/2011
Francoise of Orleans (1816-1818) was the third daughter of King Louis Philippe I of France and his wife Maria Amalia of Neaples and Sicily. She died young.
-- CarolinW  6/11/2012
This beautiful name is pronounced

Fran - swa - zuh

The cedilla - ç is pronounced like an s
Oi - is pronounced like wa
E - since this has the e at the end you add A LITTLE emphasis at the end, not a hard emphasis like spanish.
-- cziehl  11/23/2015
People love my name but everyone pronounces it differently.
-- Francoiseg  12/17/2015
Françoise Madeleine Hardy is a French singer and actress. Hardy is a popular figure in music and fashion, with the album La question being her best-reviewed release.
-- cutenose  1/12/2017

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