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Pronounced FRAY-ah, though I'd like it more if it was pronounced FREE-ah.
TheLastMontague  3/25/2007
In the Scandinavian languages, it's normally pronounced "FRIE-a", not "FRAY-a". "FRAY-a" is the English pronunciation.
LoQuiero  3/6/2009
As another user has noted, this name is originally pronounced FRY-ah, not FRAY-ah, which is merely the English pronunciation. Please change the entry accordingly.

Although in the US, people do pronounce it FRY-ah, too, in my experience, and I am an American Freya. So FRAY-ah seems to be the British pronunciation first and formost?!
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Actually, in Sweden, the pronunciation definitely sounds more like "FRAY-a", rather than "FRIE-a", and this is coming from a Swede. Beautiful name by the way.
metope  10/17/2009

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