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Variant: JAD (it's spelled like this in Lebanon)
ayoxa  1/21/2005
A very common nickname for Gad is Gadi. In Israel, most of the people who are named Gad are nicknamed Gadi, including famous artists, authors, politicians, athlets and more. It is probably because Gadi is easier to pronounce but also maybe because it means "my fortune" in Hebrew (rather than just "fortune") which makes it more personal and intimate.
ishai  4/3/2005
In Genesis 49 Jacob gathers all his children around his deathbed and predicts their future based on their names. To his son Gad he says "Gad gedud yegudenu Ve-hu yugad akev" (Genesis 49:19), which can be interpreted as "Gad will bring us fortune and will be fortuned back", but also, and more likely, as "Gad will join us in battle and then will return his track". The bible later tells us how few battalions from the tribe of Gad joined the other Israelites and helped them in conquering the land of Israel. Later, they all returns harmless to trans-Jordan and stays there.

The reason for this multi-interpretation (and there are probably more) is merely phonetic: in Hebrew, "Gedud" means Battalion but also a union, group, or simply a gathering of people or objects. It is also related to the verb "LeHagid" (to tell. Maybe "to gather words"?) and to the words "Agadah" (legend, tale, story, fiction), "Hagadah" (tale) and "Gadid" (the picking of Dates. "Gadid" describes the gathering of the palm-tree's branches).

So, to summarize, the name Gad is related in Hebrew to the words "gathering", "Battalion", "tale", "fortune" and more. Therefore, my favorite interpretation sees Jacob's words as doubled-meaning: Gad will join as in battle and bring us fortune, will be fortuned for that in return, and then will return safely to his estate (in trans-Jordan).

In my opinion, the phrase "Gad gedud yegudenu" demonstrates the beauty of the Hebrew language: You can see how one word can be declined again and again, to change its meaning in the process, and create a multitude-meaning sentence.
ishai  4/3/2005
Sounds too much like God, especially when my American friend says it!
DontDissMadison  5/1/2007
I have to admit, I don't really like the sound of this name. The meaning is good, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue right.
Atarah Derek  7/14/2007
This is the name of acclaimed Moroccan born French actor & comedian Gad Elmaleh.
avantgarde  7/5/2009
Gad means "a bastard" in Croatian. I wouldn't use this name.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2009
It is weird how this name is only one letter off from god, and even though I am an atheist, that would probably bother me to have in my own name. It is also only one letter different from gay, which I just noticed but that might turn out to be a problem for the kid.
XironDarkstar  5/5/2018

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