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This is the name of the child in the film Pet Sematary, played by Miko Hughes.
Sera M.  10/7/2005
I don't like it, but I think it's the ultimate manly name.
dani_08  3/5/2006
I love this name. It's my nephew's name and it's very simple. I like his whole name (I'm not going to say his last name though). His middle name is "Owen". I think it's cool - "Gage Owen".
kelsey_m  6/8/2006
Rhymes with 'cage' for those who suddenly understand 'Ga-gey' because some people actually do pronounce it as 'ga-gey' for some odd reason.
Chandra Sri  6/30/2006
I don't get why it's suddenly popular. It sounds kinda weird.
pink_floyd_fan  8/5/2006
I love the name and was considering it for my son. I decided against it for 2 reasons: 1) it's too harsh sounding. 2) I don't think it will age well. I can imagine a toddler named Gage, and that's adorable. But it's not so cute when you imagine an adult Gage. It is a very "cool" name though.
Jenibee  1/10/2007
It's like the word of the gauges my friends put in their ears, eyebrows, belly buttons and nipples. Do not use this as a name in an era of body piercing!
dreadfulxsorry  1/31/2007
I think this name is ok, I guess. The only problem is that if you say it in pig Latin, it is pronounced "age gay".
― Anonymous User  6/16/2007
Judson Mills' character on Walker, Texas Ranger was named Gage.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2007
When I hear the name "Gage" I automatically think of a shotgun.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2007
The name Gage is strong, yet simple. I love it. Boys named Gage have spunk, and a devious side, and I like that. It's not another Mike, or John.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2007
I can help but think of a cage when I hear this name.
jasmineenimsaj  3/2/2008
Gage is not a name. It sounds like gauge, which is a measurement used in various fields. How pathetic is it naming your son after a measurement?
bananarama  7/13/2008
It's okay. It's so much better than all the other Modern names, like Jayden, Aidan, Casey etc.
-Julia-  9/9/2009
Ew. It isn't appealing at all. Pick something else.
Black_X  5/8/2010
The baby name book I have lists Gage as Old French, meaning "Oath." I like it :)
luminaviridantes  8/14/2010
This is probably the best name ever. It sounds cool, it is cool, it is used for cool people, it has long life (even as an adult it is cool) people who have this name are awesome. That is that.
iamawesome  9/29/2010
"Measure" what kind of meaning is that! Name your kid something with an actual meaning like Andrew or William, please.
Chrila96  10/24/2010
There is a beautiful young actress named Gage Golightly.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2011
I prefer "Gale" for a boy. So much cleaner.
Dawson  3/26/2011
I kind of like this name because it's abstract, although it does make me think of different sizes of needles (which would be gauge, sorry, I'm in the medical field).

It's a strong but simple name.
GibsonGirl  9/7/2011
One word: Ew.
blondieboo629  11/24/2011
There are some names that are completely ridiculous and silly meaningless but if someone chooses to name their child something this is not the place to say one word: "ew". As a comment it's completely irrelevant to what anyone and everyone on this site is thinking and talking about.
depraveddarling  11/13/2014
I don't understand the appeal of this name at all. It's a book about dead pets and made up. Then it looks like gag. I literally gag when I see it. And when I say it it sounds like gay. Gay-j.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2012
Gage is French for "pawn".
Kinola  6/3/2013
I actually love this name... I just love saying it! I would use it.
hattie98  4/3/2014
I love the name Gage. It sounds very sweet on a toddler but it ages well and turns into a masculine 'grown up' name. I realise that the name became popular due to Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary' and after reading that book I fell in love with the name and the character.
Lauradj  4/8/2014
This name also has French origins. It directly translates to "pledge". [noted -ed]
Uthrain  10/24/2014
My sons name is Gage. He just turned 9 years old and first of all, I would just like to say that the name fits him just as well now, as it did when he was a toddler. Me and my husband decided to name him that for many different reasons. I was very much into the meaning of names when I was naming him, especially seeing as he was my first born. I looked the name up and I found two meanings for it, one of them being 'the truthful one' and the second one being 'strong warrior'. I found both of these names from very different sources- the meanings are what I'm speaking of and the origin of the name for the truthful one was Celtic. I absolutely loved the sound of it and I fell in love with the meanings and it is also a very strong, manly name. And also after nine years I am so sick of people asking me his name and when I tell them their response is oh you named him after the boy from Pet Sematary. No no no I did not name him after a character from Pet Sematary. Maybe there are very big Stephen King fans out there that might name their child this name after that character, but I think nowadays when you come across a boy with that name it has nothing to do with the book or movie.
depraveddarling  11/13/2014
I too wonder why and how it has become too popular. I have a cousin who's nickname has always been Gage... Because he was born with 12 fingers (12 gauge gun). So to me it's very odd that it's an actual name.
Brittney1130  3/31/2015
The actress Gage Golightly makes me think of this as a unisex name. For both sexes it sounds really edgy and futuristic, and I like this name.
callofgaming  5/11/2015
My youngest son's name is Gage and after naming him, I read it was an oath/pledge/wager... I call him my promise. I don't add in pawn (French) though I do call him my spawn ha ha, a medieval knight's act of challenge or battle being to throw down a Gage.. a glove or axe. I thought that was cool like if anyone threw down my GAGE I'd dual them to death. It's ironic a little reading what everyone wrote, like my brother said "No no he will get gay Gage" or my twin brother calls him 12 as in 12 gauge as we are a hunting family. Though he was never good with his spelling and in Australia, we spell gauge of measurement with a u in it though I do joke and call him my 'love Gage' lol. I am yet to meet another kid/teen called Gage yet, or have I met one. You know how sometimes all you think of with a name i.e., -of Annas is that they were mean or Claires are very straight. (No offense in all honesty to the names, just everyone has names in their life experiences and all being common or similar names and so on.) Even Jess's like me are either crazy or dogs (Literal dogs, like I walk down the street at least once a month and hear someone whistling and calling my name and they are speaking to their dog :).) I chose it because I don't know, never met, haven't heard of a Gage. No pre-idea of personality- again though not trying to be superficial... just thought it was different and manly as hell. Like I thought of a man instead of baby... I get the idea though of men names seeming weird on babies or men... like some people think Gage would be weird with a man but my cousin's name is Barry and as an adult, I imagine how weird that would sound calling a baby Barry, lol. It's after my pop but still. I hadn't seen Pet Cemetery nor have I ever in 12 years had anyone ever say "Did you name him off that movie or book Steven King style?" l guy, to add to the funny, said his name is Gage, and because it's not familiar, said "I'm sorry what?" and I said it 3 times before saying "Gage like cage but with a G." His nickname for years from one of my friends is "Gage like Cage" ha ha I am also a fan of Mortal Combat and call him Johnny Gage. Again from a comment I sometimes call him Gagey. But no one pronounces it like that but his big brother when he was little called him Gagey affectionately... then he was Gagey Mcfagey lol... Point is I thought it was awesome. My family said all the things above when I first said the name as did I, especially my mum told me how bad of an idea it was and mocking but I pointed out you could have a name like John or Elizabeth and at the end of the day they can still get called smelly jelly pants or fat head you know. You can give them the prettiest names but kids can be dillholes or maybe your kid is, who knows lol. Since then I joke you not, the mocking family love it as do others. Like obsessively love the name and doubt how they could have not. Honestly though, he was Isaiah or Lee the whole pregnancy and Gage was a shadow, far away possibility until his birth...then I met him. And he was just a Gage. He was so a Gage! He was just always a Gage.. never met another still to this day so he is original, At the end of the day I have heard of Ziquhethwas, Apple, Rainbow and Twinkee's (We don't even have Twinkies in Australia.) literally all going to school with my Gage and I think how funny it is that there are 2 kids called Rainbow in the same class, and 3 kids called Apple in the school, and I know no other Gage. I'm not fighting his name I thought it was hot and that simple, but I did have to comment just because everything everyone said above was true and it made me laugh because it was negative and then somehow became adorable. I do have a brother called Will. We have fun with that, and my other son is named Pheonix so ppfttt, what do I know? lol:)
jessc13  9/23/2016
My son was born in 2014 and we named him Gage. I always heard the meaning of it was "a pledge or promise" but have come across the "defiant" meaning on other unpopular websites. I'm questioning the credibility of the "defiant" meaning. Defiant certainly describes my 3 year old son right now lol. I read Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" over 15 years ago and fell in love with the name. Although I can't bear to watch the movie "Pet Sematary" anymore because of what happens to Gage. It's too heartbreaking. I have received MANY compliments about my son's name when at a Doctors appointment or just out and about running errands or at the park. So far, I have not met or even heard of another Gage in my area. As a nickname we call him "Gagey" or "Ragey Gagey" when he's throwing a tantrum.
DropDeadRed  9/7/2017
The name for a prince.
Prince Gage. It just sounds amazing.
― Anonymous User  3/8/2018
Named my son Gage. I've gotten quite a few compliments on it. It's simple and unique. The only downside is that some people end up calling him 'Gabe' and it drives me nuts. That, and the dumb jokes people make about "tire gauges" and whatnot.
Cherry_koolaid  3/17/2018

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