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Gale is the antagonist of the game series and webshow Angry Birds Stella. She is Queen of the Pigs, and is often referred to as Bad Princess.
Kitandkat  3/30/2018
8 boys born in the USA (2015) was given Gale.
lilolaf  8/4/2016
Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth in the Hunger Games.
GML  5/20/2016
Originally a male name, with 100% being males in 1883 but 100% female in 2012.
LMS  3/25/2016
A famous bearer was actress Gale Sondergaard, best known for turning down the role of the Wicked Witch of the West for the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie.
bananarama  6/11/2011
This is my grandmother's name. She was named after her grandfather. I've always thought this was a pretty, graceful name for a girl. :) (I also find it extremely funny that my grandpa's name is Galen. XD)
― Anonymous User  10/15/2008
Gale is most likely a variant of the word Kelt and all its dialectical forms: Celt, Gaelic, Wales, Kale. G and K sounds are both glottal stops which interchange easily between dialects. Furthermore, there is a tendency in Indoeuropean languages for G to become W between the different codes of Indoeuropean; hence, Wales in English becomes Gales in Spanish and War in English is Guerra in Spanish and Win in English is Gan-ar in Spanish. Galipoli in Turkey was the city of the Gales (Gauls, Kelts, Wallaces, Gillis). Galicia in Spain was another stronghold of the Gales. The Gales/Gauls were one of the great tribes of Europe; however, today they only have one small independent country for themselves, Ireland.
OSUex  6/16/2008
Spelled "Gale", is simply an English synonym for "wind storm". But my research shows that "Gayle" is derived from the Old English spelling for "gaily", meaning "happy", as is the spelling "Gail". Spelled "Gael", it refers to the Gaels, who were originally an Irish tribe who have subsequently spread to Scotland and the Isle of Man, and appear to be the originators of the Gaelic language.
leananshae  12/3/2007
In L. Frank Baum's novel, The Wizard of Oz, the main character's name is Dorothy Gale (Gale being the last name).
― Anonymous User  7/27/2007
I think Gale can be a beautiful name if the person herself is pretty. It sounds like a peaceful little bird like a nightinggale.
calli_gurl13  1/25/2007
A famous bearer is a great 1950s singer Gale Storm.
audreyhubley  11/11/2006
A famous bearer is actor Gale Harold. He is mostly known for his portrayal of Brian Kinney on the Showtime series "Queer As Folk." In addition to this, he has appeared in a handful of indie films.
Tears Of Blood  8/2/2006
Actor Gale Hansen (Dead Poets Society) is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2005

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