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This name is borne by the phenomenal Canadian guitarist/folk singer Garnet Rogers. I can never see it as a girl's name because of that. I like it -- it's original without being too weird.
Katja32  11/12/2008
I prefer this name for a guy. It has a bit of a harsh sound to it.
Laytonmobile  6/5/2009
There is a book containing this name within the title: Miss Garnet's Angel by Sally Vickers. However in this instance Garnet is the surname of Miss Julia Garnet.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2013
I live in Eastern Canada and Garnet is fairly popular around here as a man's name - or at least, it was popular fifty to seventy years ago. I quite like it, might revive it someday!
katrionagh  1/30/2013
According to, Garnet is a variant of #Warin#, a tribal name, or it comes from the placename #La Varenne#, "game-park".
earthnut  6/8/2016

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