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In 'Gone with the Wind,' Gerald was Scarlett's father.
-- alberto  2/21/2005
Gerald Tarrant is a central character in CS Friedman's Coldfire trilogy.
-- Belus  9/17/2005
Gerald Crabb is a songwriter. His grown children make up the Southern Gospel group called The Crabb Family.
-- Anonymous User  10/19/2005
Famous bearer is Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.
-- Anonymous User  3/26/2006
Gerald Buttler is the "phantom" in The Phantom of the Opera. He has a good singing voice! Good movie too!
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2006
The name of the actor who potrays the Phantom is actually 'Gerard' pronounced Jer-Ard.
-- libert  4/3/2006
Gerad Durrell, anyone? Naturalist and writer, he founded the Jersey Zoo.
-- ToveTer  5/27/2007
What a romantic sounding name.
-- Anonymous User  9/14/2007
A bit old-fashioned, but makes for an excellent middle name.
-- scholasticastewart  2/3/2008
Old-fashioned, but not a bad name, as long as you don't call the boy Jerry. I hate that name with a passion! So, it's Gerald or nothing.
-- slight night shiver  5/25/2008
Gerald Robotnik is Dr. Eggman's grandfather.
-- Zepton  9/1/2008
This is my uncle's name, and its intended pronunciation is GARE-ald ("gare" rhyming with "ware" or "bare"). He gets called by the more common JARE-ald so often, though, that I think he's given up on correcting people.
-- curiouslystrong  10/20/2008
Pronounced GE-rahlt in German. [noted -ed]
-- mafiosa  8/6/2009
A famous bearer of this name is Gerald in "Geralds Game" by Stephen King.
-- abbeynotch  3/11/2011
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978) was a British-born painter and etcher.
-- Anonymous User  10/12/2011
This name is quite common in Ireland among the older generations. My granda is called Gerald but he mostly goes by Gerry. I think Gerald is a lovely name.
-- NiamhNicLiam491  1/7/2013
Name of late singer Gerald Levert. Also the name of Arnold's best friend from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold.
-- AppleM32  1/13/2014
My paternal Grandfather's name and my older brother's middle name. It's very masculine, mature, and strong, however, I prefer Ronald, which is my maternal Grandfather's name. Gerald is still a great name, though!
-- Ashleigh Gurlcat 123  2/20/2015

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