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Much prettier than Gertrude in my opinion.
Lady Seashell  4/16/2008
This name was also used in the early decades of the Soviet Union, as one of the invented names that were once very popular. It meant "worker hero," derived from the elements geroy truda. Today, it's used as the Russian form of Gertrude.
Anyechka  3/7/2014
Gertruda is also the Croatian and Czech form of Gertrude:

- (in Croatian)
- (in Czech)
- (in Czech)
- (in English)

A known Czech bearer of this name was Gertruda Sekaninová-Čakrtová (1908-1986), a lawyer, politician and diplomat of Jewish origin:

- (in English) [noted -ed]
Lucille  10/16/2015

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