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Short, dark hair, and freckles.
-- juicy 1995  6/14/2006
I've seen the meaning "God is gracious" to this name before.
-- indigopearl  8/2/2006
There´s a short version of this name: Vanina. It´s used in Italy and places with a strong Italian heritage, like Argentina. And actually the original name, has also another meaning: "the one full of the grace of God".
-- marianaush  8/22/2006
I love this, but only if it's spelled Giavanna. In my opinion, the A makes it look softer.
-- xHOWTOSAVEALiFE  11/27/2006
It's the middle name of the Mexican actress Anahi. Her full name is Anahi Giovanna Puente Portillo.
-- 6diablesse6  12/30/2006
After hearing Giovanna mentioned by people lately the name is actually growing on me. I think this is one name best suited for someone of Italian heritage.
-- Missy  1/4/2007
I came across the name Giovanna at the age of thirteen as I was reading a magazine article. I fell in love with the beautiful spelling, and as I said the name out loud a few times I loved the way it sounded, at this young age I knew back then this name would be very special to me. I always wanted to meet someone with this fantastic name and I did. Eighteen years later I gave birth to my daughter, who is every inch the beautiful Giovanna.
-- Anonymous User  6/24/2007
Giovanna Mezzogiorno is a popular Italian actress.
-- lady murasaki  8/14/2007
I love this name, especially pronounced Jah-Vonna (Not Jee-ah-vonna).
-- jasmineenimsaj  2/14/2008
This is my name (pronounced correctly as jo-VAHN-ah) and I like it now more than I used to. People have a lot of trouble saying it, but I have come to appreciate how special my name is. If it is said right, "Giovanna" is very lovely. My nickname is usually Gio, but I want to start using Gianna.
-- Anonymous User  5/21/2008
In response to the user who commented that 'Giavanna' is a softer spelling:

I disagree that the spelling 'Giavanna' is softer. It just looks like a strong, beautiful name with a rich history incorrectly spelt.
-- vomiting  10/30/2009
Simply beautiful! It's a little bit out of place on someone who isn't of Italian descent though. Not to sound racist.
-- Chrila96  11/14/2010
I agree. Names of certain ethnicities simply do not look nice on someone whom is not of that origin. Russian, German, Greek, and Italian to name a few. A Giovanna Worthington, Giovanna Farrel, does not sound very pretty. Giovanna Ricciardi, please; classically gorgeous.
I personally believe people should embrace their own ethnicity, not adopt another.

Having said that; I believe Giovanna has an elegant strength, charm, and allure that many names would never be in possession of.
-- Francesca  12/6/2010
I like it pronounced 'GEE OH VAHN NAH'. I know that isn't the correct way to pronounce it but it sounds really pretty like this.
-- starz26  2/15/2011
I love this name. But I like it spelled Giavonna. I do not like Giovanna, or Giavanna. When people pronounce it they either say GIO-VANNA or GIA-VANNA. I like GIA-VONNA. I love Italian names.
-- Francesca_Marie  3/6/2012
I don´t understand why Americans always want to ruin classic foreign names! It´s GIOVANNA, the italian version for Joan! It´s a beautiful name the way it is, without the crazy spellings!
-- Anonymous User  1/4/2013
Giovanna Plowman, is an American teenager whose infamous for licking her used tampon. I don't know about you but you should not name your daughter this because people are going to remember.
-- 555jazzy  1/22/2013
I love this name, it isn't my name, but I just love it. I had a very good friend with this name. It sounds very nice, elegant, sophisticated, and it is my favorite name. If I ever have a daughter I would name her Giovanna.
-- Gio123  3/2/2013
Giovanna Marie LaValle is the name of Snooki's daughter.
-- Icycoldhot  9/26/2014
I love this and it's my name, and as an Italian descendant it sounds lovely with my last name.
-- Giovannagiroto  8/22/2015
I assumed the pronunciation was "G-O-vah-nuh." Oops.
-- Anonymous User  1/13/2016

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