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I don't like this name too much. I think it undermines the beauty of the original form of this name.
Rowanne  12/15/2007
The Italian pronunciation of "Gisella":


The "G" is not hard-- think of a "J." Stress your "I" to "EE." Next we see an "S" between two vowels, which automatically creates a "Z" instead of an "S" sound. "E" equals very near to "Hey" (excluding the "H"). Keep in mind the importance of pronouncing both "LL"s-- most easily accomplished by placing an added emphasis on the letter before ("E") and slowly rolling through, lingering, both "LL"s until rounding off with the final "A" (said as in "Father"). [noted -ed]
Francesca  9/7/2011
Gisella (jee-ZEL-la) is very rare for newborns but is still used. In 2016 were born less than five babies with this name.
Felie  1/8/2018

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