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In the film Harold and Maude, Glaucus is an ice sculptor (in California, no less) and a neighbour of Maude's.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  8/20/2007
Glaukos was a Lycian. He fought on the Trojan side of the war of Troy.
Clodagh  10/27/2007
This would be a lovely name for a child with bluish-grey eyes.
wordybookworm  6/23/2009
Glaucus was a son of Hippolochus and a grandson of Bellerophon. He was a captain in the Lycian army, who were allies of Troy, and was under the command of his dear comrade, Sarpedon.

Glaucus was killed by the Greek Ajax, in the fight for Achilles' corpse.
Athena Nike  1/10/2010
It looks like "glucose."
thefancyapple  10/26/2010
Glaucoma, the name of an eye disease, is etymologically related to this name. :)
Lucille  3/5/2013
I love this color, which is actually spelled as "glaucous."
Glaucus would be too strange as a first name, but it could work as a middle name.
AnonymousUser  10/20/2015

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