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Dr. Gottlieb Burckhardt was a Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer of the lobotomy (or leukotomy or leucotomy), sometimes credited as the pioneer of modern psychosurgery. I guess that your impression of this name will be formed by whether you consider this a famous and notable bearer of the name, and whatever your beliefs on this subject are. Personally I believe Burckhardt (who had little surgical expertise upon his first attempt at a lobotomy, a certain view of the brain and killed one patient and drove two others to suicide. He removed large parts of their brain, more than the conventional lobotomy which was to evolve, and left his patients with epilepsy (in two patients), motor weakness, "word deafness" and sensory aphasia.) despicable, do not like the idea of lobotomies full stop, and find what he did rather sickening. I think that this is nonetheless a famous bearer of the name, and one which it might be worth remembering if you are considering naming a child Gottlieb.

I never liked this name anyway, but each to their own.
Celadon  9/6/2010
Pronounced GAWT-leeb.
mafiosa  8/6/2009
I think it is okay, but I much prefer the feminine version, Gottliebe.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2009
I had a great grand uncle named Gottlieb. Once he came to America he called himself "Lewis". I think it is an interesting name, although weird to use in English countries.
tut-ten  7/3/2008
It was the middle name of the famed German-born, American painter Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.
Alturas  1/29/2007

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