Namesakes for Gregorius

Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 16 popes, 2 antipopes
      Gregory I the Great (a.k.a. Gregorius)   590-604  
      Gregory II (a.k.a. Gregorius)   715-731  
      Gregory III (a.k.a. Gregorius)   731-741  
      Gregory IV (a.k.a. Gregorius)   827-844  
      Gregory V (a.k.a. Gregorius)   996-999  
      Gregory (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1012  
      Gregory VI (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1045-1046  
      Gregory VII (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1073-1085  
      Gregory (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1118-1121  
      Gregory VIII (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1187  
      Gregory IX (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1227-1241  
      Gregory X (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1271-1276  
      Gregory XI (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1370-1378  
      Gregory XII (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1406-1415  
      Gregory XIII (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1572-1585  
      Gregory XIV (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1590-1591  
      Gregory XV (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1621-1623  
      Gregory XVI (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1831-1846  
Saints: 4 saints, 1 blessed
      Saint Gregory the Great (a.k.a. Gregorius)   c. 540-604  
      Saint Gregory II (a.k.a. Gregorius)   669-731  
      Saint Gregory III (a.k.a. Gregorius)   ?-741  
      Saint Gregory VII (a.k.a. Gregorius)   c. 1020-1085  
      Blessed Gregory X (a.k.a. Gregorius)   1210-1276