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This name is really cute.
kayisforkeen  9/26/2018
Gretchen Wretched.
Curious me  9/25/2018
Gretchen was the real name of American actress Loretta Young.
Buneary  9/12/2018
This is one of the most beautiful names, I adore it! It has many consonants and it has a very strong sound. Kriemhild Gretchen is the name of an awesome witch from Madoka Magica.
SilverSatan  7/25/2018
Gretchen is my given name, and I have to say I agree with many of the comments- both negative and positive- expressed in this forum. In my experience, it's been a challenging name to have, and ironically, though it's considered a diminutive, I really think it's one you need to grow into. However, I've never been tempted to change it, even through the challenges (misspellings and mispronunciations, etc.) or the appeal of nicknames, e.g., Greta, which I eventually asked my own parents to stop calling me since it's not my given name. It's a strong name for sure, which is something I've come to appreciate about it. And, as others have pointed out, it really does come down to personal taste. Still, I'd prefer to take the view of the individual who posted, "It reminds me of Gingerbread Houses, Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Or blonde girls with milkmaid braids in the Swiss alps. I just think it's one of the coolest names in existence, plus it's fairly uncommon."

― Anonymous User  12/1/2017
Personally, I think it's best for it to be a nickname, even if it sounds more like a full name in english.
mememan28  11/8/2017
Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson is an American television commentator and author. Carlson was crowned the 1989 Miss America while representing her native state of Minnesota. She graduated from Stanford University with honors before embarking on a career in television. Gaining experience as anchor and reporter for several local network affiliates, she joined CBS News as a correspondent in 2000 and became the co-host of the Saturday edition of The Early Show. In 2005, she moved to Fox News Channel and became the co-host of the morning show Fox & Friends along with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. In 2013, she announced her departure from Fox & Friends and soon thereafter launched a new program called The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson. Her autobiography, Getting Real, was published in 2015 by Viking.
cutenose  7/22/2017
Gretchen is the mother of transman Thammy Miranda. She is also the aunt (by marriage) of the singer, model and short-term adult actress Íris Caroline de Mello (known artistically as Carol Miranda. Her sisters Sula and Lara are also in the music business.
lilolaf  7/13/2017
Gretchen Frances Wilson is an American country music artist. She made her debut in 2004 with the Grammy Award-winning single "Redneck Woman," a number-one hit on the Billboard country charts. The song served as the lead-off single of her debut album, Here for the Party. Wilson followed this album one year later with All Jacked Up, the title track of which became the highest-debuting single for a female country artist upon its 2005 release. A third album, One of the Boys, was released in 2007.
cutenose  6/18/2017
My name is Gretchen. When I was young - elementary school age, my teacher gave me the nickname of "Grettie" which I still use with "special" people in my life. By the time I was a teen and even into my twenties, I hated it. People would shorten it to "Gretch" or worse yet "Gretchie". As an adult, I have come across a few other people with the name "Gretchen". One was my team supervisor. I was the first person she had ever met with the same name. Now I am in my 40's. I absolutely love my name. What changed my thinking - my name is RARE! Very few people have my name. And okay a Russian co-worker with her accent pronounces it "Grashin" with a long A sound. That helped a lot - making the sound "chen" softer.
Please note - I knew a Sheppard named Gretchen - a friend named her very stubborn nanny goat Gretchen (and yes she said she was purposefully naming her after me). My daughter wanted to name her pet rabbit Gretchen. (this we nixed).
Gretchenismyname  2/23/2017
If my username doesn't clue you in, my 2 year old's name is Gretchen. I have always loved it, yet I was a bit afraid to use it because of it's "crunchiness", and because the only Gretchens I ever knew were mean. But I figured, why let those girls ruin a name I love? I have gotten nothing but positive feedback. And since its origins are German, that makes it GERMAN IN ORIGIN. But Americans are fortunate enough to use names from all over and make them OURS; You know, since Gretchen "isn't a real name" in Germany. The funny thing is, the biggest reason it SOUNDS German is because it resembles the German language... barking and phlegm hocking. Should my daughter travel to Germany, as I have, I'm sure she will have enough confidence in herself to not let other's opinion of her name bother her.
Gretchensmom  9/6/2016
I think of the Grinch when I hear this name. But The Brazilian singer Gretchen is funny to me.
Luvbug86  9/3/2016
This name is borderline ugly. I mean this with every respect to anyone with this name, but it just sounds awful and the name Gretchen is cringe worthy. It has a pretty meaning (little pearl) but it reminds me of an ugly old hag. Also Gretchen from mean girls isn't the best association which is where I first heard this name. Sorry if I have offended anyone but there are so many pretty girl names to use and Gretchen isn't one of them.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2016
The name Gretchen was given to 160 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
My name is Gretchen, and I absolutely love my name. My family is German, and my grandfather wanted to give me a German name. My parents gave me the name Gretchen, and I'm glad they did because I love the name Gretchen!
― Anonymous User  4/13/2016
Whether this is a nice name or not is a boring question: it is obviously a matter of taste.

The point that I would like to make - as a German native speaker - is that it is not really a name. More specifically, it is a common misunderstanding that it is a German name. It is not. It is an old-fashioned nickname for "Grete" or "Greta", which both are actual names (who had both been fiercely uncommon until recently in the German-speaking region). "Gretchen" means "small Grete". As most people are aware of, it made it into popular consciousness simply because Goethe used it as long ago as 1806 for a figure in a play.

Please be aware that does not quite have the same connotation as an abbreviation like "Nick" for "Nicolas". It would as such really be used for children *only* - and even that use is very much out of fashion.

So everybody naming a person "Gretchen" should be aware that it definitely sounds ridiculous to every German native speaker. So if this person should be expected to have an international lifestyle and move around, it does not sound like too a good idea to name a child like that. This seems particularly relevant if people have to smile at the name in a chunk of Europe that embodies >150 million people.

Think about it.
jense  9/5/2015
Gretchen from Camp Lakebottom.
Franklansburg  1/30/2015
I'm pregnant, and this name is at the top of our list for girl names. I love it. My husband's great aunt was named Gretchen, and she was so lovely. I have only known a few Gretchens in my life, but they were all strong, successful, and lovely women. I always thought this is a strong name for a confident girl. Love it! I mean, let's face it, it's MUCH better than a white-trashy name like Rhylee or Braxton.
melly2  6/27/2014
I f@£! Ing love this name. I will name one of my future daughters Gretchen, It reminds me of Gingerbread Houses, Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Or blonde girls with milkmaid braids in the swiss alps. I just think it's one of the coolest names in existence, plus it's fairly uncommon.
mintjulep666  6/5/2014
One of the ugliest names I ever heard.
Jason Malcolm  4/19/2014
Gretchen does sound like the character from the cartoon. But it's also the name of the country singer Gretchen Wilson. But I don't know... It sounds dorky to me.
CathyE521  11/19/2013
It's really not a harsh sounding name. I think you just have to fit it. My friend is named Gretchen, and she fits it perfectly. It's very unique and original. I can see why some people picture old ladies and freaky girls when they think of "Gretchen", but if you actually know someone with this name it's different.
quevenne  10/26/2013
Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls!
― Anonymous User  10/26/2013
I really cant believe how popular this name is! The 'retch' sound is awful, makes me think of throwing up.. Sorry!
Bellasmummy  8/18/2013
The name Gretchen was given to 201 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Kinda sounds like an old, mean hag. No offence, but you better find a nickname!
SEC908  10/29/2012
This is the ugliest girls' name of all! It sounds so hideous and disgusting, like the name of a mean old woman. I don't get why some people think Gretchen is so cute - it isn't! Please, something else would be better!
Bonquiqui  7/17/2012
I'm named Gretchen and I am neither blonde nor dumb. I really don't think it's an ugly name. With a name like Gretchen you must carry yourself with confidence because it is a strong name. There is no 'retch' sound either. I pronounce it like 'gret-chin'. People call me 'Gret' or 'Grettie'. I'm German as well.
Gretch  4/23/2012
I think Gretchen is a name that only a really attractive girl/woman can get away with.
Bunko0  8/6/2011
One of the ugliest names out there. The "Gr" is a bad start, and then there's that "Retch" sound in the middle. It sounds ugly in German, too. It makes me think of either a bitter frizzy-haired brat or a dumb dyed-blond stripper. Say no to this name.
Black_X  8/2/2011
Gretchen is a wretched name.
MyFartsSmellGood  7/1/2011
Unless used in a German speaking country this name best be left untouched. For English speaking countries (certainly the United States) it bears too much resemblance to the word "Wretch." Of course, another reason would be lead to the fact that it is not very pleasurable to our ears, in terms of pronunciation and overall spoken sound.

If used correct context, I do not see why it could not be acceptable.
Francesca  4/27/2011
Whenever anyone asks for my least favorite name, this is the first one that pops up in my mind. I absolutely loathe this name. It sounds absolutely hideous. Gretchen reminds me of a too tall weedy girl with a bad sense of hygiene and horrible acne. Also large 1980s glasses. It's just... all very unpleasant. Gag worthy. I've gone on long enough, but I could actually keep going with how much this name rubs me the wrong way. I do, however, like Greta.
Book_Reader22  1/30/2011
Very harsh. If you want something old fashioned, try something sweeter, like Estelle or Edith.
Dawson  12/31/2010
I don't like this name, it sounds too harsh.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2010
Too bad the English pronunciation isn't very nice, it does sound very lovely if you say it in German.
I don't agree that it sounds like "GRET-khen" though (and certainly not Gretken!). Yes it is difficult to describe the -chen sound because it does not exist in English - but I will try!
The first part sounds kind of like the English word Gray.
The second part as if you said "tee-yen" very quickly. (You know how the English word Queen is made out of the sound kə-ween? You say it just that fast.)
So altogether it sounds kind of like GRAY-teeyen.
Sorry if this was confusing. You might be better off just going to the link that was posted above.
Hope it helped! Please correct me if I am wrong. My mother speaks German and lived in North-West Germany so the accent might be different.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2010
This is my Aunt's name, given to her because my Grandfather is from Germany. They pronounce it "GRETCH-en" though. And her nickname is "Gret". Because she is my favorite aunt (Shh, don't tell the others!) I do like this name but I don't think I would actually use it.
Daenerys  7/16/2010
I've met two grown women with this name, both white and blond. So in my mind this is officially the blondest name besides Brandy. But Gretchen would be the blond name of the 1960's, Brandy the blond name of 1980's.
A.R.  2/17/2010
That name always reminds me of retched.
Liesl  2/11/2010
I used to hate this name, but over the years it has really grown on me. I love the sound of it and it is very unique in America, but I could never name my child this- the sound is too different for me.
artemis16  10/5/2009
My mum was going to call me Gretchen (i.e. Gretch-en), and I hated the idea, but now, having seen the German pronunciation I'm warming to it.
910  7/30/2009
I hate this name! It's so ugly, harsh, and old fashioned.
kool_babe14  5/15/2009
This name is quite harsh sounding, and the word retch makes it even worse.
― Anonymous User  2/27/2009
This name isn't used as a given name in Germany. It's of German origin but has hardly ever been used in Germany and never as a full name. Gretchen is a nickname for Margarethe (German form of Margaret) and Margaretha. Even the name of the "Faust" character was Margarethe. Gretchen is just her nickname. Read the book and you'll see. In Germany this name is quite outdated. It is difficult to explain how to pronounce it in German but it is way different than you would pronounce it in English. The Gret-part is pronounced "Grayt" (kind of), not "Grett" and the -chen part is pronounced with a sound that English speakers can't make because it doesn't even exist in the English language. I agree this name is kind of cute but it's nickname and you are able to find much nicer German names. The "Faust" character wasn't exactly what I'd call inspiring plus she died in the book.
Lily8  8/2/2008
Yikes. This name scares me. Every time I think of it, the image of a cat-obsessed old lady pops up. Users beware.
IronTears  6/9/2008
For German speakers, this name is quite infantile, as it is the diminutive, rather little girl-ey form of Greta. In English, it sounds quite weird, and it does have the ''retch'' to it in many people's pronunciation. It should actually be pronounced with a long 'e' sound in the first syllable.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
If you prefer the German pronunciation, why not try Gretken? Gretchen sounds like some kind of ugly machine noise or the classic witch depiction. Just thinking aloud, not insulting people.
Mackenzie Rudd  3/25/2008
If I ever named my daughter Gretchen I would call her Gretta.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2008
A bit ridiculous as a full name. I do believe most are unaware of how informal it is. Not fit for a human, better for a cat or dog.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2008
German pronunciation is "grechen".
Maggie_Simpson  1/10/2008
I think this a classic, cute, wonderful name. I don't think "wretch" at all. I have taught 2 Gretchens and they were both smart, spunky, happy girls. I think I might use this name for a future little girl. The meaning "little pearl" is a great one too.
archangelteacher  1/10/2008
My sister got this name because the doctor who delivered her talked my parents into it. She said that none of her patients wanted to give their daughters her name. Hmmm. I wonder why? My poor sister deserved a better name! Shame on the doctor and on my parents for listening to her!
― Anonymous User  10/15/2007
One of my favorite names, and should be used more!
spaz123  8/11/2007
I think this is such an ugly name! It's even worse with the English/American pronunciation GRECH-en. Sounds like retching. I just cannot understand how anyone could like it!
BlueSomehow  8/9/2007
Gretchen is actually a pretty cool name for me. It's very cool and unique, but not rising in popularity like Emma. And, I think a cool nickname for Gretchen is Greta.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2007
Name her Margaret and call her Gretchen, or Meg, or Maggie or whatever seems to suit her when she gets older.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2007
I hate the English pronunciation, it sounds terrible, but the German one is lovely.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2007
I had a history teacher who only used her initial and last name on things. Some of the kids asked what "G" could possibly stand for, and she only revealed it was "Gretchen" when they settled on "Greta." (This was in the U. S.) Personally, I have always thought it a beautiful name. Apparently my mother likes it as well, as she gave it to one of her guinea pigs.
listrait  2/14/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Gretchen here:
_satu_  11/24/2006
This is one of my favorite names. I love it!
libbygirl  9/30/2006
German pronunciation: GREHT-khen (note: 'kh' is not the exact pronunciation here but it is the closest you can get to the German 'ch') [noted -ed]
This name is not very popular in Germany today. It is still known to people through Goethe's 'Faust' but it is considered old fashioned.
JHK  9/3/2006
Gorgeous nickname. For people who think it ugly - LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT RIGHT! There is NO "retch" sound in Gretchen.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2006
I agree with the Anonymous User above. The German pronunciation is nicer.
swisssugar  8/7/2006
One of my best friend's name is Gretchen. I really like this name! It fits her personality perfect! Funny, smart, and awesome!
amber monkey  7/13/2006
Gretchen Weiner is a character in the movie Mean Girls!
lindamaree  3/9/2006
Gretchen Ross is the name of the character played by Jena Malone in Donnie Darko.
hana  2/28/2006
Gretchen Wilson is a popular musician in the US.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2006
Gretchen is also the name of a character in Goethe's Faust. One of her questions in the piece is famous as "Gretchenfrage". That means crucial question. Still, the name is not common.

I don`t like the name personally, because of the very hard "r" (I'm German, too).
tchjotchey  12/29/2005
I love the name Gretchen. I never really liked it much until I read the book 'Hairstyles of the Damned' by Joe Meno, and one of the main characters was named Gretchen. That's a really great book and Gretchen is a really awesome name. It's sort of unusual, which is cool.
whackedtollie  11/25/2005
Just an ugly name!
Dogsy  11/21/2005
I think this name is ugly. It's so harsh sounding, I hope people don't name their children this, it's horrible.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2005
I'm not German, but my grandmother loved the name Gretchen. So, since she didn't get to name my sister, she named me Gretchen. I have learned to love the uniqueness of it.
Gretch85  9/20/2005
I honestly think that Gretchen is the perfect name for a little girl or an adult. It means "little pearl" and no matter how big you get you will always be a little pearl for the parents. My name is Gretchen and I am not german but I am very proud of having a German name, even though I am hispanic. It is a very unique name and calls peoples attention. You would be lucky to have this name.
grey16  8/24/2005
This is the name of the smart girl in the cartoon Recess. Personally I don't like this name.
doreenrugby  8/10/2005
Gretchen is a cute name, though only for a little girl I think. It doesn't really fit adults. I also don't like how English-speakers pronounce it, because it sounds as if they had a hair ball stuck in their throat.
Evaria  8/8/2005
I'm primarily German, and Dutch from both sides of my Family. And I'm so glad to see someone made a comment on a German name! It seems to me that German names get excluded.
Tbird  7/21/2005
It is a cute name. I'm very fond German names too. I'm half German.
scorpio93  7/5/2005
Finally, someone makes a comment on a German name. I'm rather fond of German names. I'm also German, so that could explain it. This IS a cute name, especially for a person who's smart!
― Anonymous User  7/1/2005
I think that Gretchen is a really cute name.
Jordan9922  6/30/2005

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