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Griselda Blanco ruins this name for me. Not someone you want to have the same name as.
XironDarkstar  3/16/2018
This is my name. It does get annoying when people pronounce it wrong or when they spell it wrong. I like to think of my name as a princess name. Something someone royal would use. Personally, I do NOT like my name, but I do think it is a unique, and cool name.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2018
If I think of the name in an English context, it works. However, if I take my native language into account, it's a bad name. "Gris" means pig in Norwegian and is obviously a no-go here.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2017
Griselda Yeung is a Hong Kong actress and sister of actress Tavia Yeung. She changed her English name to Lenna. While her sister graduated from TVB Acting Class, she joined Miss Hong Kong 2001 and received the Creative Cooperation Award with her group. She is best known for her role as Concubine Suen in Can't Buy Me Love and as a lawyer in Come Home Love.
cutenose  2/16/2017
The name Griselda was given to 44 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I think this name is underrated. The nickname Zelda sounds really cool and Griselda the name in full sounds like a German princess or something :)
Goldcrown  2/8/2016
This name is just like Ursula - it reminds me of a witch or Disney villain. Not a pleasant name.
sunshinechild67  12/11/2012
Such an elegant, lovely name. Reminds me of a strong willed, intelligent woman. Which makes it horrible on a shy or a ditzy person.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2010
This name is a really lovely name, in my opinion, perhaps a little bit old-fashioned, but that just adds to its charming enchantment. :)
walesgal92  9/9/2010
This is my name and I'll admit it is a bit frustrating when people can't pronounce it. But it's very mysterious, old, and unique. Witch or no witch I think it's a very great name.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2009
The name makes me think about sizzling butter and grease on a frying pan.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
Grizelda Bone is Charlie Bone's mean grandmother in the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo.
rory  3/9/2008
This is a very pretty name, but a little old-fashioned.
vendredie  12/16/2007
I don't like this name. It makes me think of grizzly bears.
LilaMayaNeve  8/30/2007
This name is so old fashioned and weird.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2007
Wow, I'm suprised no one mentioned this.

"Your Auntie Grizelda" is a song made by the Monkees, sung by Peter Tork.
Hums in my head "You look just like her you do, I know by looking at you that you've been listening to Your Auntie Grizelda." :D
― Anonymous User  7/8/2007
Griselda Pollock is a feminist art historian from UK.
Ylva  6/19/2007
This is my name and I think it is gorgeous.
grizzy6  4/19/2007
This name is horrible! Please, would someone actually name their child a decent name these days? My goodness.
Taydbug112  4/2/2007
Griselda is the heroine in the Clerk's Tale of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. She is a poor, virtuous, young girl, who marries the Marquis Walter, and endures his tests of her fidelity with patience and devotion.
ginneyd123  2/24/2007
Griselda Marchbanks is one of the OWL examiners in Harry Potter.
n-dogg  7/15/2006
The famous British rock musician and vocalist Annie Lennox is named Griselda Anne Lennox.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2006
Griselda is the name of a character in The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.
FairyGirl  5/27/2006
This name was quite popular in the eighteenth century. It was often abbreviated to Grissel or Grizzel.
Kosta  5/25/2006
Griselda was the first name of Lady Dumbello (!) in Trollope's Palliser novels. (He was fond of giving his characters strange surnames. This one is not apt.)
Kosta  5/25/2006
I like this name. And, dear user, naming your child "Griselda" will not make her turn out to be a witch.
Pheadirean  4/28/2006
Griselda reminds me of a witch. So if you want your daughter to be a witch, name her this. It is the name of a witch in the movie "The Court Jester".
― Anonymous User  3/19/2006
PLEASE don't name your kid this!
― Anonymous User  3/11/2006
This is one of my all-time favorite names for girls. It is seductive yet restrained, playful and dignified.
Arrows  11/22/2005
Griselda, of course, has not come into high demand as of late. Aside from its similarity to the words "grizzled" and "gristled," this can be blamed on the Monkee's "Your Auntie Grizelda."
WeloveyouJesseLacey  4/24/2005
Griselda, carries strength in every curve of it's letters. It gives an erotic tongue roll & smooth flow as it is spoken, whispered and vows eternal love. How could anyone say, "No" to the name, "Griselda"? You only steer from it, if intimidated by the name and/or image attached to it. It's passionate, bold, fierce yet soulful, warm and seductive. Princess Griselda, by sunlight. By moon, defender of all that need her. Griselda may not be a common name but it can arouse an affair of curiosity.
smiggy33  4/2/2005

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