Namesakes for Guido

Notable Artists: 1 painter
      Fra Angelico (a.k.a. Guido)   c. 1395-1455  
Notable Musicians: 1 composer
      Guido of Arezzo   c. 991-c. 1035    
Olympic Medalists: 1 silver
      (silver) Guido Kratschmer   1976   decathlon  
Other Leaders: 1 president
      President Guido de Marco   1999-2004   Malta  
Saints: 4 saints, 3 blessed
      Saint Vitus (a.k.a. Guido)   ?-303  
      Saint Guy (a.k.a. Guido)   ?-940  
      Saint Guy of Anderlecht (a.k.a. Guido)   950-1012  
      Saint Guy of Pomposa (a.k.a. Guido)   ?-1046  
      Blessed Guy Vignotelli (a.k.a. Guido)   1185-1245  
      Blessed Guido Maramaldi   ?-1391  
      Blessed Guido Maria Conforti   1865-1931