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The Greek form of this name is Kostas or Costas if you prefer it that way. The form Gus is used only in English.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2005
This nickname is used because of the similarity in sound to Kostas, a Greek short form of Konstantinos or Constantine. (The "k" (or kappa in the Greek alphabet), would be "unaspirated," that is, without the puff of breath following an initial k or c in English (the k of "kin" or the c of "cot" as opposed to those of "skin" or "Scot," respectively), and thus sound something like a hard "g.")
Kosta  2/22/2006
I don't like these "diaspora" names. Most of them are ugly and stupid. This one is just one example. Constantine is pretentious in English, so why use it? At least I don't see anyone using it anymore, which is a good thing.
bananarama  10/9/2009
Why would it be "a good thing" (if it were true, which it is not)? What good would come of it? And what harm comes of its continuing in use? It is my experience that people are becoming more, not less, tolerant of "immigrant" names. They'd bloody well better. There are a lot more coming in.
Kosta  3/22/2011
And why _not_ use it? For one thing, believe it or not, there are other nations around the world, not just the English speaking ones. For another, just because you don't like the name, it doesn't mean it's ugly or stupid. If you people want to name your kid Gus/Constantine, go ahead. It's a classic, nice enough name with a good meaning. Don't let immature, intolerant ignorants, who judge others on their names, upset you – who cares about the opinion of such people, anyway?
that one  10/16/2010
I prefer Kosta to Gus as a nickname for Konstantinos, because I think Gus is an ugly name, and Kosta is just Greeker. (Considering that I'm a Katerina who calls herself Kate, that's a bit hypocritical, but oh well).
kvpp88  10/5/2014
Gus is originally an American man of Greek ancestry. Early 20th century Greeks in places like Chicago took pride in assimilation after their immigration to this country. It was common practice to show pride by shortening your original last name under law, and/or accept others that called you by first names like Gus - vs. more historically proper names of the same Greek origin like Constantdino, Kostas, Costa, etc... This wasn't done as much by the immigrants themselves. Instead it was done by the first generation born here, among those called up from those neighborhoods to serve in our US military during WW2.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2017

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