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The double DD is pronounced 'th'.
BronwynB.  1/21/2007
I live in Gwynedd. Around here, it would be kind of odd to have someone in your school or something like that, with the same name as your county.

Also, it's "Gwin-eth", but the "th" sound is made harder, if you get what I mean.
DontDissMadison  1/29/2008
Gwynedd is absolutely lovely! I like it much more than Gwyneth; Gwynedd looks and sounds more friendly, warm, and approachable.

To clarify on pronunciation: Gwynedd is indeed pronounced Gwen-eth (Gwen-eð), but the th is voiced (ð). Think "then" as opposed to "thin".
faelivrin  6/3/2011

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